CSR157 - We Made It

CSR157 - We Made It

Arlington, Virginia, USA, 2004

Ronnie and Jan Matthews, both early 40s, after years of trying to live frugal, have realized that they’ve made it. With hefty dual incomes thanks to a well-paying government job and a recently-landed finance position with a lucrative government contractor, the Matthews’ lifestyle has been quietly growing more comfortable and opulent. Their two kids are 15 and 12 years old, and the older is going to start learning how to drive soon. They currently have two cars, a 1999 Honda Accord and a 1996 Plymouth Neon, the latter of which will be going assigned to learner’s permit duties, and eventually to be passed down.

With that in mind, Ronnie and Jan want a new car, and they feel comfortable getting something pricey and flashy for a change. What they want is a big, luxurious, powerful crossover that gives them a slice of luxury and all the space needed for hauling what the future holds: family vacations, sports gear, band instruments, you name it. In their affluent neighborhood, SUVs have become increasingly de rigueur family cars, and the Matthews are quite smitten with the idea of something properly premium that keeps up with the Jones’, while also offering more cargo space than what their sedans can offer.


BMW X5 4.4i

Mercedes-Benz ML500

Infiniti FX45

Porsche Cayenne S

Volkswagen Touareg V8

Cadillac SRX V8

Volvo XC90 V8



  • Style
  • Drivability
  • Comfort
  • Safety
  • Value for Money

They are looking for a bit of understated flash. They want to appear that they are well-to-do, but they don’t want to look like they are living beyond their means either. Even though they are not interested in offroad capability, they strongly desire the look of a crossover SUV; while a wagon may fit the bill, it would be a hard sell.

They are expecting a luxurious, do-it-all experience. That means the car will be drivable, comfortable, and well-equipped both in features and safety. In terms of well-equipped, I’ll be looking at the choices made rather than the prestige stat, and how both how high scoring and well-equipped the vehicle is compared to other entrants at the same price to determine if it is solid value.


  • Sportiness
  • Reliability

Part of the aforementioned do-it-all experience includes sportiness. While it is inherently a bit sacrificed with this type of vehicle, it cannot fall by the wayside; it is part of the expected experience for the class. They are expecting roughly 290-345 hp and they do not want to shift their own gears.

They understand that these high tech machines may not be perfectly reliable in the long run, but, the more reliable, the better.


  • Service Costs
  • Fuel Economy
  • Environmental Resistance

They aren’t too concerned about these, but if they are outliers compared to the competition, that could be a problem.


  • Trim/Variant year: 2004
  • 5 door crossover/SUV appearance (SUV bodies are appropriate, but Wagon, MPV, and hatchback bodies are also allowed if you want to try to make them work)
  • Wheelbase between 2.7m and 3.0m (2.8-2.9 preferred, overall length of 4.65m to 4.95m preferred)
  • Must have 2 front and 3 middle row. Additional seats are allowed but not needed nor desired.
  • 3 way catalytic converter of either variety is mandatory
  • 95 RON Fuel mandatory
  • Max Loudness: 40
  • Longitudinal AWD with more than 50% front bias is banned (FWD bias for transverse AWD is allowed)
  • Max Price: $30,000 automatollars
  • Minimum TP: 5
  • Maximum TP: 10
  • Maximum Net TP: 200
  • Advanced Trim Settings: not banned, but will be reviewed on a case by case basis. If you are making many adjustments here, please let me know when submitting so I can review it sooner to let you know if it’s gone too far.

Save your own copy of @doot’s TP calculator for your own use. As stated above, your net TP cannot exceed 200.

Due date: September 13th, 0400 UTC (extended)

if yall voted to extend this then don’t submit more cars i will be annoyed


Considering that they want something spacious enough for hauling, would cargo space be a one or two-star consideration? Possibly practicality, but that mostly comes from seating and doors rather than cargo

EDIT: Also, is there a preferred fuel type?

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I would personally suggest dropping this to 2 in the aspiration tab on N/A engines, since they do not benefit at all from techpool sunk into that tab that should be able to be used elsewere.

Cargo space is, as far as I know, still a wonky stat so if the vehicle is in the desired size range, I will consider it sufficiently spacious.

I will update the post with a fuel type shortly.

I’m leaving the minimum TP for all categories at 5 since it is the sandbox’s default amount.

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I believe what portalkat means is that by dropping it to 2 in the aspiration tab, you avoid punishing people for making an NA engine. That way people who don’t adjust their TP at all don’t get binned automatically, but NA users can distribute their extra TP around where it will be useful.


Is it 5 seats only or can we have 7-seaters too?

I’m leaving the minimum at 5. My testing was done with a spread of 5 between minimum and maximum TP with 5 as the floor. Given the priorities and ruleset, I am confident that NA engines are not punished in this setup.

If you want to do a 7 seater, as long as you have a front row of 2 and the 2nd row of 3, I guess that’s fine. It would be disadvantageous to do so but I guess I will allow it.


That’s fair. I was just thinking of as a little bit more of a balancing measure, but with fuel eco not being a high priority it’s probably ok.

Is this an absolute minimum, or must the vehicle have exactly 5 seats? In either case, those seats must be full-sized.

To that end, an (advanced) automatic transmission may well be required, or at least recommended.

And regarding fuel types, 95 RON premium unleaded should be the absolute maximum.

2004 Primus Aventura 500 Ultimate

You remember him?

Yep, that was last year. Now we can offer a new model. Sportier and more fun to drive than ever before, but it still won´t let you down offroad.

No need to pay an agency for phantaszising advert texts.
Our newest premium SUV speaks for itself. Have a conversation with it at your newest Primus Globus dealer.


Updates regarding seat count, fuel type, and advanced trim settings have been updated. With the LDU showing a new beta coming shortly, I’d like to get this rolling, so if there’s no more questions regarding the rules in the next few hours, I’m gonna open the submission window.


What is the verdict on interiors? We judging them this time or nah?

Question on the techpool. Every slot of techpool needs a minimum of 5? Can’t leave any at 0?

Nope, interiors will have no impact.

Minimum 5 for all.

This looks like a job for me B)

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They are expecting roughly 290-345 hp and they do not want to shift their own gears.

I created a test mule to this brief and got in barely below $30,000 even with just a premium rather than luxury interior. I assume they are prepared to spend nearly all of their budget rather than giving much more consideration to cars that are a bit less well equipped but significantly cheaper.

Currently working on a car for this, but not feeling up to doing the visual design (used up all my visual design energy on Barbie QFC apparently), so am interested if collabing if anyone wants to.

OK, submissions are now open until September 6th, 0400 UTC.

Presenting the,
2004 Torrent Ravine AWD-S V8

The 2004 Torrent Ravine is a second generation, car based crossover with a transverse engine with FWD based architecture, featuring:

  • 4.2L V8 with 291 hp and 296 lb-ft torque
  • 6.55 seconds to 60 mph
  • 160mph top speed
  • 0.872 g / 0.831 g skid pad on all-terrain tires
  • exceptional driveability and comfort
  • sporty looks but capable offroad
  • luxurious interior with SatNav
  • 19 mpg
  • $28,200

The original 1995 Ravine crossover is in the background of the last picture.


Introducing the 2004 Kerberos KX447 with AWD. Don’t just keep up, set the pace.