CSR78 - Succeeding the Wankel

Car Shopping Round 78 - Succeeding the Wankel - Closed

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Bruce is 25, he is a law school graduate thats recently finished his trainee ship with a successful firm in the nation of Auto-straylia, and so thats where this competition is taking place.

He’s an internet fanboy of a international car makers successful Wankel rotary engine light sports car, but having not sat a license before his student days, he is only a year just off the 4 years of learning permits\provisional plates locally required, and the legally required insurance is ridiculous for sports vehicles with male drivers under 25.

Which brings us to the problem, for salary sacrifice based purchase you must purchase a new vehicle, but due to emissions laws in other countries (Auto-straylia itself is a few years backwards of most places) the vehicle he desires completely out of production and no successor is even on the horizon. This is where you come in, to show a viable, new and prestigious alternative piston powered vehicle as an alternative to the bygone rotary dreams.

-No semi slick tires
-Engines will run on 91 or 95RON unleaded fuel
-Engines need a catalytic converter and less than 50 loudness
-Trim year must be 2014
-No limited production or no mass production flagged parts
-No terminal flags for oversteer, bottoming ect (yellow warnings are fine)
-No more than 3 degrees +/- camber
-No Diablo, Cayman or other broken mod bodies, link to any mod body used
-Must have at least 2 seats, 350kg load, 200L cargo
-Min Sportiness 30 Safety 50, Min Comfort 20, Min Power 169kw
-Basic entertainment or better
-Max speed must be over 130kph, 0-100 under 10seconds
-Max cost $20,000 @0%
-Max Production Units is 140, including both engine and trim
-Max Engineering Time is 50 for engine, 50 for trim
-Fuel economy must be below 10L\100km (over 23.5mpg US)
-Suspension must be >99mm ride height

Ranked in order of buyer preference:
1 Drive-ability, Sportiness
2 Safety, Practicality, Comfort, Reliability
3 Utility, Prestige, Service costs, price
NA Offroad, Environmental resistance, PU, ET

Top speed, market stats, track times, and styling will also affect your score to varying degrees. There will also be penalties for anything I deem particularly hard to live with like high bottoming out.

Finally there is a separate editors choice award for my favorite car to drive in beam… but only a selection of shortlisted vehicles will be tested, this will be judged after round closes and will not affect scores.

Naming Convention:
Car model: CSR78 - [username].
Car trim: Name of the car I will display
Engine family: CSR 78 - [username].
Engine variant: Name of the engine I will display

Entries Closed Friday 3rd August, See Results Below


Why is this so? Previous CSR rounds using the UE4 version lacked this rule. What about mod fixtures? Can we use them, or are we also restricted to vanilla fixtures?

And as for this one:

I’m pretty sure it corresponds roughly to Australia, not America.

At any rate, I’m considering building a small sports coupe reminiscent of the BRZ/86 - if I can make it work.

Edit: 110 competitiveness for 3 different non-track markets in Gasmea might be asking too much from us - my prototype design can’t even score that high in any non-track market, although it is under budget. Hence, I think this requirement should be relaxed or even omitted. Moreover, getting at least 50 safety in 2014 forces us to use the highly expensive advanced 10s system. And I agree that $15k w/o markups is far too little for many of us to work with.


So we’re building a piston powered RX8?

Any chance for a higher budget? I’ve built what seems to be a reasonable Toyota 86 sorta thing that fits everything else, 2+2 interior with nothing fancy and everything, and I’m over $2000 over budget. The current budget seems to limit it to a very specific car and will prevent people from making lore-friendly cars that can realistically be used as an wankel alternative (the wankel sportscar weren’t that cheap anyways).

As it stands I won’t be entering this round because of the ruleset.


After building a few cars, these rules blow.

Budget increased considerably since other rules binding enough, and people seem to be having issues.

Here’s the ultimate car. The Handuh Ceevik Version-RS

It features an advanced VTAK KAYTWENNYAYY engine that produces enough power thanks to the magic of variable valve lift, and also a rich fuel mixture. But thanks to that variable valve lift it is also economical, and also sounds badass and cool in every way. You should buy it.


Does this refer to the sum of the trim and engine PU, or that neither of them should exceed 140 on its own?

I propose these rules as an alternative to the current over-restrictive ones:

  • Engines will run on 91 or 95RON fuel
  • Engines need a catalytic converter and <50 loudness
  • Trim year must be 2014
  • Must have at least 2 seats
  • Minimum safety 40
  • Max cost 20,000 at 0%
  • Max production units engine 50, trim 120
  • Max engineering time 50 engine, 50 trim
  • Minimum 30 sportiness
  • Cheater Cayman body not allowed

No mod bodies :disappointed_relieved:


when asked “what is the best car for a beginner?” one may answer a honda civic or a cheap american car. but few have the IQ to appreciate true greatness in a car such as this.

the all new 2012 Bahd Rools promises absolutely no practicality, but enough passive aggression to feed 50000000 internet flame wars.

you too can have on at the low price of $295k, with it’s ham-fisted V12 making i don’t even know how much HP. be passive agressive, be obnoxious, own a Bahd Rool!


:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: it’s a masterpiece! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

The Bahd Rools, this CSR doesn’t seem very easy

Also @nerd what’s with the Cayman body?


Best car


Albatross Motors Presents, the Albatross C250 Turbo, our newest entry into the sports car market. This car features a 2.5 liter turbocharged Inline-5 engine, producing 276 horsepower and 228 lb-ft of torque, with a 6-speed dual clutch transmission (because markets) feeding power to the rear wheels. The car also features electronic stability control with launch control (because markets), and a limited slip rear differential. It also does 0-62 in 5.2 seconds and a top speed of 149 mph. It also achieves a fuel economy of 39.9 MPG US, meaning that you can have all the fun you want without spending a fortune at the gas station. Prices start at $12,915. See your local Albatross dealership for more.


The Ars Astaroth GX.
233HP Flat-4. 9000RPM redline.
6-spd DCT. AWD.
6.2s 0-100. 157 mph.
All for $16891.


That’s a really cool and good car.

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Maybe I should have gone more in-depth in my thoughts on this CSR’s rules:

First, the elephant in the room:

-Must score over 110 in at least 3 Gasmean non-track markets @0%

Markets in this game are NOT optimized for sandbox mode and tend to be highly dependent on factory settings and raw scores. This leads to a tactic called “min-maxing”, which is using oddball choices in order to maximize competitiveness in any particular market. One example is using launch control on almost everything, even when it is completely unnecessary, thanks to it’s arbitrary sportiness bonus for low cost.

Having the barrier at 110 in 3 markets in particular will strongly encourage min-maxing by restricting engineering decisions to those necessary for meeting the market requirements, in a way that stifles both creativity and the realism of the challenge. You’ve also left a loophole in the market rules by allowing any market outside the track market, this could lead to an entry that follows the letter of the rules while clearly violating the spirit of them (such as entering a van in this challenge). All of what you intended to do with this rule could simply have been better served with a simple minimum sportiness of say, 30. That would not only lead to more creativity in the entries and much less minmaxing, it would also make the rules more focused on something that’s actually sporty.

The rules that probably only existed because of the in-game markets having weird choices

I am talking about these rules:

-Min Power 169kw (226.6hp)
-Max speed must be over 130kph, 0-100 under 10seconds

These rules would probably not need to exist if the market rule was removed, as sportiness mostly takes place of these.

The unnecessary rules

I am talking about these in particular:

-No terminal flags for oversteer, bottoming ect (yellow warnings are fine)
-No more than 3 degrees +/- camber
-No limited production or no mass production flagged parts
-Suspension must be >99mm ride height
-Must have at least 2 seats

Most of these (except no limited production or no mass production parts) can be rolled up into a basic “use common sense” suggestion. As for the no limited production/no mass production rule, all vehicles using such parts get a high production units penalty for using them, making them less viable anyways.

Flawed rules that are still viable with possible changes

In particular, I am talking about these rules:

-Min Safety 50
-No mod bodies

Sorry to break it to you, but anyone looking for a sporty car probably doesn’t care too much about safety, 50 also tends to be rather high for a small 2 seater. (Gasmea’s minimum is 35, and Fruinia’s minimum is 40)
Onto the the rule banning mod bodies, while there was one body in particular (the not-cayman body) that had a super low drag coefficient that lead to it being very OP in top speed and fuel economy, that body has been pulled from the workshop and there is no reason to ban all mod bodies when a simple rule banning the not-cayman would work.


I’ll ask again; what’s with the Cayman body?

The rules that probably only existed because of the in-game markets having weird choices
I am talking about these rules:
-Min Power 169kw (226.6hp)

I think part of the reason that that rule exists is because the RX8 had at most 168kw of power (according to wikipedia). That being said, I’m surprised the OP let the max 0-100(km/h?) be 10 seconds instead of closer to the RX8’s 6.4 if he meant to theme the comp to be looking for “the next RX8.”

Unless its been fixed that has really low drag… but no mod bodies is the rule, not no caymans.