CSR77 - Ready, Set, Tow

General CSR rules
Previous Round

Info from me as the host

– this is my first time hosting any competition, there might be impurities or balancing problems and i am sorry for any inconvinience caused by that.

– to ease the understanding of any conversations later on, here is a guideline

[everyone on scene is doing something]
Name: [one character is doing something]
Name: “The character is saying something”
Name: the character/ his belongings emit(-s) a non-speech noice

Tom: [walks two feet to the left] clap “Hello there.”

Client background

“Greetings, i am Connor, to my left is…” [gets interrupted by Tonsom]
[to Connor] “Shut the fuck up you piece of shit!”
[turns back to audience] “Well… I am Captain Frank Tonsom, you know dipshit Connor already and over here is Tom Redwood… You know… My boss hates me and now i am forced to participate in some kind of illegal street race next year… soo… we, erm… Fuck… Talk again Connor!”
“We are not requesting a car for the race itself yer, but in order to transport the car home, we need a vehicle to tow our entering car with.”
“So… that is what we need… a tow truck to tow a car on a trailer, yeah. I have 17000$ and i want to spend it since [voice gets more aggressive] my car got smushed by some pleb in this room.” [stares at Connor]

Vehicle requirements and Judging criteria

– Trim year must be 2017, Model year can be older
– Body must be from 1995 or newer
– Accepted body types are:
Panel Vans; Trucks; Wagons; SUV’s and MPV´s
– Car has to have at least THREE seats
– Car has to have FOUR doors, if there are TWO rows of seating AND the first row is NOT a bench; Tonsom, being the oldest cannot climb in the back of a 2-door anymore
– Car has to have a catalytic converter and at least one muffler
– Race parts and Semi-Slick compounds are forbidden
– V16 engines are NOT allowed (i do not have a key yet)
– Vehicle styling is taken into consideration when choosing a vehicle. While not of utmost importance, a better looking car can offset some weaknesses. BUT by far not all of them.

has to be lower than 17000$ at 0%
We don´t mind putting our full budget in, but if you can make a cheaper offer work well enough, it could have a chance.
LOW importance

– Driveability:
has to be higher than 55; we have drivers of varying skill levels, with Redwood having a few days of driving experience. A car easier to drive is less likely to be crashed into something; HIGH importance

– Sportiness:
Since the car is won´t crack 100kph anyway with a trailer attached (german rules for towing a trailer), sportiness is irrelevant; NO importance

has to be greater than 25
The car will travel from their temporary home in southern Germany all the way to the start of the race in Sweden; Comfort is a major factor then; HIGH importance

– Prestige:
I does not matter, if the car can get the job done… ; NO importance

– Safety:
has to be greater than 40
Connor does not care, Tonsom has lived through his best parts in life already and Redwood likes some degree of danger, but being safe in a car would still be better for them; MEDIUM importance

– Practicality:
More practical means loading stuff and getting into it will be slightly easier, especially for Tonsom; LOW importance

– Utility/ Towing Capacity:
Utility has to be greater than 30; Towing Capacity has tp be greater than 1400kg.
Well… we wat to tow a car with it, so its gotta be able to do it…; HIGH importance

– Offroad:
that thing won´t see much offroading, a gravel road at most; NO importance

– Reliability:
has to be greater than 70
More reliable means less prone to breaking down, and breaking down with two cars would be a nightmare, although repair costs would be less of a concern…; HIGH importance

– Fuel Economy:
has to be lower than 12L/ 100km (higher than 19.6 USMPG; 23.5 UKMPG; 8.3km/ litre)
Tonsom can afford fuel to some degree, but saved money on fuel would be aprreciated; MEDIUM importance
The value given by Automation will be used as a reference if i cannot accurately measure fuel consumption in BeamNG

– Service costs:
Again, Tonsom can afford a car with his good salary, but any money saved can be spent elsewhere; MEDIUM inportance

– Cargo volume:
has to be greater than 1000L; a roof rack counts as an extra 500L of cargo space; roof racks are not applicable to Panel Vans or Trucks
any space for luggage and parts in the boot does not have to be towed around; MEDIUM importance

– Cargo capacity:
has to be greater than 500kg (1102lb); must be able to carry 300kg (661lb) extra for every 1000L of cargo space
(so: 1000L -> 800kg; 2000L -> 1100kg; 3000L -> 1400KG etc.)
This is mainly to prevent the likes of “loads of room but no springs to support it”; the car needs to be able to carry what is loaded into it; MEDIUM importance

– PU limit:
Engine: 45
Trim: 110

– ET limit:
Engine: 45
Trim: 40

For short:

High importance:
Driveability; Comfort; Reliability; Utility
Medium importance:
Safety; Fuel Eco, Service costs; Cargo volume; Cargo capacity
Low importance:
Practicality; Purchase Price
No importance:
Sportiness; Prestige

Naming Convention:

Car model: CSR77 - [username].
Car trim: Name of the car or whatever you choose
Engine family: CSR 77 - [username].
Engine variant: Name of the engine or whatever you choose


Sunday; July 22, 8pm CET

Monday; July 16, 8pm CET

this is to have some time to alter the rules to your suggestions if needed

sorry, i do not have any fancy photos and stuff


MPG is going to be the biggest challenge I think. This sounds fun though… :smiley:

Seems a little nasty to basically require use of another non-free game to compete in an Automation competition, since the behaviour of cars in BeamNG might not directly correlate to Automation scores, though I understand the desire. (Yes, yes, you are free not to compete, etc.)

Will there be braking tests outside of Automation’s built-in ones? I’m ignorant of how effective trailer braking usually is and how much the driving vehicle is put on demand, especially in this case of the trailer in BeamNG.


I have not experienced trailer braking in BeamNG myself, not sure if it’s modeled on the smoller trailers. IRL, trailer brakes do all the work, and then some.

Well if this is to be the norm then my next running of CSR will require a high score on a 1980 Space Invaders arcade machine with the sisv3 ROM installed! :rofl:

This is an Automation challenge. Not an Automation/BeamNG challenge.


Just to chime in as a regular non-CSR participant, i dont think using BeamNG as a measurement is a thing you should do.

First and foremost that.
It gives an unfair advantage to those who have it versus to those who dont have Beam. You can perfectly optimize the car to one thing. Gets extra funny if people dont own both games.

Not a fan of this.


I mean we can use this challenge to test this Automation/BeamNG concept for the future

I think the use of Beam.NG in the judging process is fine, so long as it’s used in a way that doesn’t unfairly benefit some competitors. For this rule to be fair for all, the cars driveability stats should rank them, then any situations which result in an effective tie via the stats should be decided via Beam.NG.


  • Driveability:

Will be ranked via Automation stat, if two cars rank the same, the car that drives better in Beam.NG will be given preference; HIGH importance

As for picking a winner via Beam.NG, so long as you shortlist using Automation then I cannot see any issue with your final selection going through a Beam.NG driveability test. That’s how car buying is done in RL; shortlist cars based on stats and adverts and road test the ones you like!


@Leedar and @HardRooster
BeamNG drive trailer do feature active brakes, which can be “deactivated” by simply removing the rotors. The trailer used does have brakes.

I get your point of this being an automation-only challenge, but when CSR started off, there was not even the slightest discussion of the BeamNG collab in the first place.

that suggestion seems to make a lot of sense…
you can only drive a car when at theor dealer.
I’ll update the OP for BeamNG to be used in the finals only. Driveability and Utility will be referred to as “projected Driveability” and “projected Towing” respectively.

also decreased the tested towing speed to decrease the amount of power required to keep it going


Just wondering, but why not a SUV?

In some places, MPV means the same thing as SUV.

Did… did that just say… I… I don’t understand… 29 mpg??? There goes the 10L V8 with 25 hp/L. (That’s an exaggeration, actual American trucks probably make 60 hp/L, these here 'muricans aren’t that stupid :slight_smile: )

Fuel octane = ? Any upper limit on car emissions?

Based on this:

And this:

This round is being held in Europe, where 95RON fuel is the main fuel available. There is no 91RON and 98RON is super expensive and hard to find so… Tune for 95RON I’d say!

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Europe doesn’t have 87 octane and 89 is normal?? Man I should start tuning my engines differently

91 octane (98 RON) is at every pump in every state in this here US of A, and a lot of states have 93 octane. (100 RON)

Or should I call it freedom fuel?

Yeah, in the US, 87 octane (91 ron) is the most common, and 89 octane (95 ron) and 91 octane (98 ron) are readily available. I didn’t know that Europe didn’t get 87 oct!

This is why most of my engine series either have a (D)omestic and (E)uropean tune, or a series will ONLY be available in one area or the other, depending on fuel.

While AKI 89/91 (RON 95/98) are readily available in the US, most people will only fill up on 87. So a lot of people blow up their nice expensive turbo and/or high compression engines out of ignorance. Carmakers have started learning from that mistake and now often (as of about 2013) dual-map the ECUs for both 89 and 91 (95 and 98), and the car reads the anti-knock sensor after each fillup to figure out what grade is in the tank, and uses the appropriate map.

Just wondering, but how do we add a Trailer Hitch/Coupler to our Automation creations? Just made a Truck & Exported it to BeamNG but can’t connect it to a trailer due to the Truck not having a Hitch/Coupler?