CSR84 - Years of Youth [FINALS, RESULTS UP]

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General CSR Rules, Regulations

Autumn 2015
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

She walked out the DMV, interim license clutched in her no-longer shaky palms. Emotions rushed through her head, endless possibilities of new adventures occupied her mind. Before she knew it, she was one step closer to independence.

Sarah. Only child, high school sophomore, student council president, top of her class, is undeniably shining bright in her sweet sixteen. Her parents, bearing an upper-middle class standing are living a life of equal contention, satisfied with their nine-to-fives and residing in a quiet suburban neighbourhood situated in the northwest quadrant of the city. Protected by stable income and good social standing, the Canadian family’s household seems pretty well-off. There is however, one catch.

Sarah’s typical commute to-and-from school consists of taking the city’s shoddy public transit system, turning what would be a 15-minute trip in a car, into one which stretches over 40 minutes in a crowded, sweaty bus. Such increases in commute times has reduced the amount of time for Sarah to study her given material, as well as hampered her ability to take part in the occasional weekend hangout with her friends.

Dissatisfied with her current mode of transportation, Sarah brought her situation up to her parents during their typical 7:00 steak and mashed potatoes dinner. She would not be able to drive her mother’s Jinhe Albatross crossover as it would be actively used throughout the entire day. Nonetheless, the Albatross was massive and chugged premium gasoline like there was no tomorrow. The second choice was her dad’s Roosevelt Valedictorian sports coupe. However, like the Albatross, it was massive, alongside the fact that it cost upwards $80 000. With Sarah just getting her license a week ago, driving such an expensive car was out of the question.

With endless implementations of new technology finding their way in more affordable compact vehicles, Sarah’s parents leaned towards buying a new vehicle as opposed to a used one, both as means of providing her with a long-term daily driver and keeping their dearest child safe and satisfied.

With the general consensus on buying a new vehicle, Sarah and her parents got to work, browsing the internet for potential vehicles. Each party, Sarah and her family, kept a brief criteria in what they wanted in their new vehicle.

Sarah is looking for:


Styling is critical to Sarah’s vehicle considerations. She tends to prefer cuter things. Ones that are unique and stand out from the crowd as well. Long story short, be creative with your design. Stand out a bit, but not too much! Colour is also a prime consideration. ERA CORRECTNESS IS IMPORTANT. DESIGN IN 2015, NOT IN 2006 : )


Being a fresh driver, ease of use is a large aspect of her choices. She must be able to park it in her high school’s tiny parking stalls and weave it through various areas with no stress at all.


Sarah drives this vehicle daily. She will constantly play her music in it. She’ll have to drive it on cold days. It has to be comfortable, whether that be done through better seats, dual-zone climate, or something as simple as USB connectivity. Due to Sarah’s occasional 1.5-hour trip to Banff with friends or family, she better be able to sit soundly in it for long periods of time without being left with an aching back.


With the occasional need to transport herself and her friends to the nearest A&W, or haul endless loads of school supplies for the science olympics team she participates in, practicality is a consideration for Sarah.


Her Parents are looking for:


The safer the better. Losing their dearest daughter in an accident would be a parent’s worst nightmare.


Having a vehicle break down on you early on is frustrating. Having a vehicle break down constantly is even worse. Pretty straightforward.

Fuel Economy

With rumours about an anticipated carbon tax, gas is bound to get more expensive for the Albertans. A fuel-efficient car would save the parents from burning a hole in their wallet

Service Costs

Keep this as low as possible. Paying a large premium per year just to keep a vehicle running is not a burden in which Sarah wants to put her parents through.


Despite making a higher-than-average income, Sarah’s parents take value as one of their main considerations. Don’t necessarily make it cheap, just make sure they’re getting a bang for their buck.





Maximum price is set at $15500 (0% markup). The lower the better.

Vehicle must have a three-way catalytic converter

Fuel type must be set to Regular Unleaded (~86 AKI/91 RON)

Engine Emissions should hit no higher than 90

Minimum 4 seats

Max loudness 35

There are no PU restrictions, however ET for the engine itself should not exceed 40 months. The trim’s ET should not exceed 43.

Trim Environmental Resistance must be no lower than 38 (its stat can be found in the testing tab). Such vehicle must be able to survive Calgary’s harsh winters

All restrictions have been tweaked via 3 benchmark vehicles. Violation of these restrictions will be met with a disqualification, various condescending looks from Sarah’s family and a deep long sigh from me through the internet

IRL Styling References:

Consider the 2015 models of the Scion iM, Kia Soul, Volkswagen Beetle, Nissan Versa Note, Honda HR-V, Hyundai Tucson, Mazda 3 and Mini Cooper. Sure, these are primarily hatchbacks and crossovers, but don’t allow said references to discourage you to make sedans and the like. If it looks good, it works

Cars must be submitted to me via PM with the following naming format:
Car model: CSR84 - [username].
Car trim: Name of the car I will display
Engine family: CSR84 - [username].
Engine variant: Name of the engine I will display


Please at least reply with your car and a picture with it, or else I’ll bin it straight up. Good luck :). You can resubmit as many times as you want


09/26/18 - Lowered budget to $15500 hehe. Freed restrictions on trim and engine year

09/27/18 - Forgot to put in time zones. Frick

09/27/18 - Added engine year restrictions so they won’t surpass any year beyond 2015

09/28/18 - Forgot to mention - ENGINE emissions limit is 90. Not trim itself oops


AWD Super Beetle?
*Looks at price limit

AWD… eh… Beetle?

Jk, think I finally found a use for the shitty FWD version of the C-Series I disowned after CSR-75 :slight_smile:

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This is going to be a great round! Sarah is my age and seems to be someone I’d be friends with if she were at my high school, not to sound too strange. So I have kind of an insight as to what she might want!



i’m gonna start building for this tomorrow.

Does anyone put time into CSR, or does anyone just YEET a build into existence and spend like 10 minutes tuning it?

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For me, 10 minutes tuning, 2 hours designing.


Escar-GO buy yourself a brand new Zitrone Escar-GO


Does Environmental Resistance factor into scoring at all, besides the minimum required?

Depends on the csr. There was a host who put up a rather vague rule set. I yeeted up something I already had made. The review was quite simple. “Uh… No!”

On another note: According to the IIHS, the best cars for teens are Jeep Cherokee and Subaru Outback

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Dies it have to be a regular Three-way cat or can it also he a High-Flow Three-way cat?

I guess hot pink “Barbie-mobiles” are a no no😂

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Looks like I get to recycle a previous entry, and refresh it for North America. :slight_smile:


I’m thinking of doing the same thing.

Is this at 0% markup?

@Leedar environmental resistance won’t be weighted. Just make sure it’s above minimum

@TheTom doesn’t matter. As long as it still meets loudness requirements

@Mr.Computah yep. Oops forgot to write that :s

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Last CSR, i’ve spent 3 DAYS tuning my car and still lost. At least I’ve went though 2nd round.


ahaha it’s a jeep renegade!

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I got a car for ya,

This is Tobiecar’s latest eco-hatch. Well, the game says it’s an SUV but it looks like an ecohatch, and it sounds like an ecohatch, ect. Inspired by retro 1960’s muscle cars, and the expressive features of small dogs, this car has all the trimmings to make someone turn their heads and go “OMG, ur car is so kawai xoxo”. This the Tobiecar Beloved. It gets 45 MPH U.S, has a duel-clutch automatic, and it’s base trim has 40 comfort and is roughly 13,000 with no markup.


2015 Mitsushita Jesta X Sport. 1.9-litre Boxer-4 Turbocharged.

The one we’ve sent is a Front Wheel Drive Automatic with 150hp. A faster, manual version with All Wheel Drive is available.

It does sound a bit like panting German Shepherd.