CSR95 - Mount for a medic

CSR95 - Mount for a medic

by me and co-host @Detsikeulii

It is the year 2012 and Swiss private doctor Karl Wurstmacht is looking for a new vehicle to replace his old ‘99 Mercedes ML320. The old Merc is somewhat old and as a service vehicle it has seen its better days so it needs to be replaced.
Dr. Wurstmacht is looking something prestigious and useable as a private response vehicle. Just like his old Mercedes, he is looking for something that will look good in the eyes of his customers as he wants to upkeep his businesses prestigiousness.
The car will be mainly used in a small town and mountain roads, so good handling is required and the car mustn’t be overly large. The car will be acting as his remote medical centre, which can carry both equipment and patients. Most clients will be tourists and slightly richer folk, who are situated in cabins and villas.


  • Use stable release
  • An ad in this thread is required, but it won’t affect the judgement
  • Trim and model year must be 2012
  • Car type must be wagon, suv, minivan or a van, as Dr. Wurstmacht needs room for his medical equipment
    (So don’t enter pickups, sedans, hatchbacks or sports cars)
  • Must have 2 seats at front and +2 or +3 (foldable seats) so if needed those can be folded to fit stretchers
  • Price for the car is $25 000 @ 0% markup, the price cannot exceed this limit, but naturally it can be cheaper

Fuel must be 95 RON (unleaded)
Fuel economy must be 11l/100km (21.4 mpg US | 25.7 mpg UK) or better
Must have catalytic converters

Maximum engine ET: 150
Engine must not use racing parts
Maximum trim ET: 140
Don’t use Sports compound or Semi slicks tires
Minimum comfort 35
Minimum drivability 60
Minimum safety 45
Minimum reliability 55
Minimum load capacity 500kg (1100 lb | 1,68 orange goblins), but excessive load capacity is pointless (by this we mean that the medical equipment weights roughly 500kg so the vehicle must be able to carry that plus driver etc. but there is no need to go for some astronomical load capacity)
Minimum load capacity: 1000L



  • The looks, this car will be representing Dr. Wurstmachts prestigious company and so he doesn’t want to show up in a shitspec vehicle
  • Drivability will be important as Dr. Wurstmacht has to drive long distances daily and the car must be able to handle mountain roads (so consider an engine that produces decent torque) and harsh weather conditions (snow and water)

Semi important:

  • Fuel economy, as a business owner Dr. Wurstmacht wants to cut the costs of his business trips, so the less fuel the car sips the better
  • Offroad, some patients may be in somewhat remote locations with bad roads

Not very important:

  • Service costs, Dr. Wurstmacht has some connections with people who will order parts and work on his cars inexpensively.

Not important:

  • Sportiness, it’s basically an ambulance not a track missile
  • Practicality, this thing won’t be hauling kids to soccer practices



Send your entry to ME (not Detsi he’s dumb) via pm
Naming scheme:
Car and Engine model; CSR95 - ‘Your username’
Car and Engine trim; name and model of the car/engine

Entries open 15th March @ 18:00 (GMT +2)
Deadline 22nd March @ 18:00 (GMT +2)

(This is our first csr/challenge so please have mercy on our souls)

General CSR rules
Previous CSR (94)


If you have any ruleset suggestions or if there are any issues with the ruleset please let us know


The loyal goblin (me) is here too, I’ll mostly be helping around but feel free to ask from me as well.

God I hope this won’t turn out to be a shitshow lol


Seems like an interesting challenge!

So prestigious appearance is what we’re looking for here as part of the package it seems. The examples provided (Ford Explorer, Volvo V70, some French hatch? I’m an American I dunno lol) don’t seem super fancy.

I suppose my question is, “does brand image really matter?” Or is this just in reference to the car needing to look quality?

gotta support Cherry’s point

how the hell are we supposed to get 40 comfort on rear folders?

my fault… wagon varialt of the body was borked

Yeah it should be somewhat prestigious.
As for the pictures we wanted to have pictures of all accepted body styles (it is surprisingly hard to find pictures of minivan ambulances).

@Elizipeazie We made some test vehicles and the comfort was easily achievable for us, but feel free to inform us if turns out to be impossible

So would a Toyota branded car not do as well as something from BMW, say? Because I don’t have a 2012 car brand that’s more luxury and not mainstream like Toyota or Mazda or Nissan.

Sorry if this is bothersome, I’m just wondering, and maybe this could help others decide on things too.

The Mercedes Type II ambulance van is a thing, so i don’t think it would be out of the question.

Its not about the brand it’s more about the looks, but the interior (and tech too) should be at least decent

@Caligo van ambulances are accepted we just forgot to add a picture of one

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Model and trim must both be 2012 or can it be older? I mean mainly the model.

We’d like to keep both at 2012, as it makes things slightly simpler for us

Anyone want to help me turn my van from CSR 94 into an ambulance for me? You can have the credit.

The car has to be +2 or +3? not 4 seaters? or +4

+2 or +3 is for the second row of seats. Front row is 2 normal seats.

casually makes this for entry


I like the concept. Something quite original for once. Just a couple of thoughts.

  • Extra carrying capacity is of no benefit. I don’t really get this, as even if you don’t use the extra cargo capacity, a vehicle with more cargo capacity will perform better while carrying the same amount of cargo. I’d personally make this matter.

  • Interior room isn’t mentioned. Nor is actual cargo volume. Just carrying capacity. So a sports car Ambulance would indeed be possible, I’d make room of top priority if this were my round. You want room for the paramedics to move around after all.

  • The comfort is, as mentioned, way too high. Most of these vehicles aren’t even going to have independent rear suspension. 15-20 would be more realistic for the price. If you’re that concerned, perhaps limit the roll angle?

  • It’s really not clear whether you want an actual ambulance or a medical dispatch vehicle. (Something to accompany the ambulance) if you could make this a bit more clear that would really help.

But other than that, looks like we have an actual solid looking round!

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I think he is wanting a dispatch vehicle. If you reference the old vehicle it is an early crossover (Like a Mazda Tribune, Ford Escape, Hyundai Santa Fe, etc). The mention of stretcher is weird since the is mobile doc, but I think making a weekend warrior vehicle would be tantamount. Most of those vehicles have a load cap of around 600-800Lbs (270-360Kgs) so 1100Lbs for a crossover seems… lofty.

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By that you mean racing intake and exhaust headers.

As for the seating arrangement, will you allow full-sized seats in the second row?
Also, this is the sixth round in a row to be set in modern times (2010 or later), but I’m fine with that simply because no previous CSR rounds have ever had a theme like this one, where the client is looking for a dispatch vehicle.