CSV Stats Export

Consider this a low-priority feature request that can get shoved on the backburner, but it’s relatively easy from a technical perspective at the same time.

One of the “highest-friction” parts of running challenges is gathering data. If I have 30 entries and I want data that’s not in the stat block on the menu, I have to open up 30 cars, wait for them to load and manually transcribe it for each stat and each car - and not all stats are even available the same view. Even if it’s on the menu stat block, manual transcription still takes a while. It’d be really nice to have some form of “export car stats to CSV”… for the one specific use case of running challenges, maybe also for comparing a large lineup (or several prototypes) all at once. I acknowledge that those are niche use cases, maybe even too niche. At the same time, iterating through several cars and writing to a CSV is easy - the hardest work would be on the design side, to let players do it.

Edit to add: A sample file, with completely random stats not linked to the actual names, might look like this:
Model,Trim,Drivability,Sportiness,Off-road,Fuel Economy,Comfort,Prestige
Mitsubishi Lancer,Evolution X,52,42,20,10,36,25
Mazda Miata (NB),MazdaSpeed,63,51,9,7,26,13
Porsche 911,GT3 RS,84,73,8,3,40,73