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Custom car thread

AFAIK, there is no thread for customized cars here, and since they rarely fit inside company lore threads, I sort of think that a thread would be useful. So, anything that’s not factory stock, feel free to show it off here.

Gone surfin’ in 1977 - 1963 IP Rugger panel van, custom vs. factory stock.


Citroen Saxo and Saxo modified.


Was asked to make this for some friends on Discord. Didn’t posted because I said I was done with this version of the Brasilia. They wanted to see a whaletailed Brasilia, so here it is.

Funnily enough, a Brazilian 3D artist made the same thing at the same time. His is much better than mine though.


Boot Scootin' Bodyworks MY20 Anthrax Gendarme

Gendarme of Gaia

Want an Anthrax Gendarme but love the environment? Boot Scootin’ Bodyworks (BSB) has you covered, fam!

Boot Scootin’ Bodyworks were approached by the famous Banker-Rapper, Bill-U-8nt, to modify a number of Gendarme’s he’d “procured” to be able to handle, quote unquote, “harsh terrain”. Never one to turn down paying work, BSB converted the Gendarme’s into All-Terrain explorers by ripping out the V8, installing a Goingns 4D30DTi turbo-diesel and improving the Gendarme’s ability to traverse harsh terrain.

Bill-U-8nt was then rumoured to have used them to make “deals” near the Californian border w/ Mexico but BSB is unable to confirm or deny these rumours, simply stating “I don’t know what he does with them, we just mod 'em and sell 'em”.

If you too want your own Gendarme of Gaia, just scoot on down to BSB and quote promo code ECOTROPIA; we’re ready to modify your Gendarme whenever you’re ready to mortgage your second home, hahaha!

Ecotropia_by_BSB_-_Gendarme_of_Gaia.car (66.2 KB)

Find the original Anthrax Gendarme, created by @the-chowi, here!


MY67 Chesterfield D22/61

Canada and the USA don’t know what’s about to hit 'em, hahaha!

OK, first I’ll provide lore…

Chesterfield is a bespoke coachbuilder who decided to thoroughly modify multiple MkII Keystone D2200’s with the aim offinding buyers who could be duped into thinking it was a luxurious cruiser and thus buy one, hahaha!

Now, with the details out of the way, I decided to “get Shwifty” and practice my 3D fixture skills on this donor Keystone… Needs more work, I reckon, hahaha!

Chesterfield_-_D22-61.car (42.4 KB)

Download if you dare, hahaha!

@VicVictory, I did an oopsie, hahaha!


This feels familiar…I had a Volvo 164 in a similar shade of green. :wink:

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The idea behind the Chesterfield D22-61 reminds me of the Vanden Plas 1500, a tarted-up version of the mass-market Austin Allegro that was sold to buyers who had a relatively small budget, but still wanted something that felt like a more upmarket car.

Hey, I know that ugly nose!


At least yours seens functional, and not mounted on the frunk.

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Whoops I posted in the wrong thread let me put the car I meant to post here later

1970 IP Icarus 2200 VIP.
Lowered, wire wheels, whitewalls, rabbit ear antenna, lakepipes


Beta-Juliet now in the USA!

In 1972 the Beta-Juliet Caribe was imported into the USA. The official importer, Carlos Santana the 3rd, brought in three unique variants of the Caribe, specifically tailored for US customers tastes…

1: Beta-Juliet Caribe (USDM)

Lovely Latina looking for a new partner, for life!

3L V6, 4BBL carb, 104Kw, 3 spd auto, four seater.

10.6sec 0-100Km/h, 204Km/h top speed, $3,449 RRP

Beta-Juliet_Caribe_-BJ4-_USDM.car (56.7 KB)

2: Beta-Juliet Caribe Street Sport

A fiery Latin companion for the lonely street racer on a budget!

3L V6, 4BBL carb, 116Kw, 4 spd man, 2 seater.

8.1sec 0-100Km/h, 220Km/h top speed, $3,449 RRP

Beta-Juliet_Caribe_-BJ4-_Street_Sport.car (57.2 KB)

3: Beta Juliet Caribe 3000GT

A mysterious exotic willing to whisk you away in supreme comfort!

3L V6, MFI, 133Kw, 3 spd auto, four seater.

10.9sec 0-100Km/h, 222Km/h top speed, $5,749 RRP

Beta-Juliet_Caribe_-_BJ-3k_Touring.car (62.1 KB)

And now, as a bonus from the head designer @Marcus_gt500 himself… Beta-Juliet entered a race prepped Caribe into the Paris-Dakar rally!

This car is really cool… No idea where it placed though, hahaha!

3L V6, Multi throttle MFI, 145Kw, 5 spd man, two seater.

8.8sec 0-100Km/h, 221Km/h top speed, $5,749 RRP + Rally onfiguration costs, price on application.

Beta-Juliet_Caribe_-_BJ-3k_Safari.car (74.5 KB)

If you want the original car, here’s the link, thanks to Marcus_gt500 for the bonus rallycar!


Two flavors of the '73 Wells 500…

The Purple Dragon…full racing suspension, full interior, 4200lbs, 20in wheels, semi-racing slicks, 835hp 454cu in twin turbo v8…13sec quarter mile…until our next engine swap

Edit: the computer gets a 12.8…I’ll use my ps4 controller later to see if I can get better times.

And this fine example, all OG, sittin on swangas.


Schnell L4 Rallye retro 1985.
Powered by a 2.3L D4 engine making 166HP, its plenty to rip around the dirt tracks and roads. It has been fitted with a Geared LSD and a 5-speed Manual. It has the Europe market stuff on it, Plastic on sealed beams, No sidemarkers and 5MPH bumpers and chrome fascia trims. 0-60MPH is in 6.8 seconds, Way faster than the Schnell D4 SUV that originally had this engine in it. It’s far more fuel efficent.

It has no ABS too, making it deadly to use the brakes in cases to the point you might have to do a handbrake turn since it’s FWD, Gearbox being ripped out an Hakumai from the 90s and grafted on to make it fit to the 2.3L engine. It weighs 2161LBS, Or in KG, 980.5. It’s extremely light


2020 AT 722-R dragon’s breath, a revamp of the 2020 AT 722-R revamped Widebody (huge thanks to @KSIolajidebt for the original body kit)


stance boi


offroad time


itasha AT turbo-R


more itashas


the whole gang is here


extremely fast but dangerously unstable 3 wheeler