Custom Scenario Maker

Since the tycoon part will not be out for a while. Perhaps you can add a way for us to set our own custom targets for a scenario. A simple input form could do. For instance, I enjoy taking a specs off the shelf for a car. Building it out, and then trying to get it to run, seeing if I can hit the same torque and HP curves, how does it perform in comparison 0-60. After which I can play around and see if I can improve upon the performance. If we could be allowed to create a scenario with target ranges, weight, etc (and the other options) it could make for some fun.

This would actually be fantastic with workshop integration, too. I haven’t looked at the scenario files, so I don’t know how complex they are, but…

That might come as early as in the next big update (not the current in-the-works V12 one). :slight_smile: The scenario files are really simple in structure and fairly readable.

Sweet. :smiley:

Fantastic! :smiley: