Cutouts in Black

As the title says, make it possible to make the cutouts in plastic, chrome, paint or carbon, too.
This way you can add licenseplate holders which are made of different materials. I personally would love to add a black/grey plastic cutout.
Also, do they have to be center-aligned? As I sometimes like cars to have the licenseplate in a square to the side (Lancer EVO) or just a regular plate to the side (Alfa Romeo)


They have to either be centred or properly off to one side (not touching the centreline of the car at all)

We can certinally have some ones in other materials, easy to do, so I’ll do it to whichever ones it looks good on :slight_smile:

What about Carbon Fibre thats a good one to start with I know you love carbon Fibre xD

On the given examples, they are properly off, I think. Couldn’t find a picture this quick but there is even an Alfa Romeo where the licenplate actually ‘curves’ around the left front corner of the cars bumper.
So will these cut-outs be in or out? Do you really have to make them center aligned? I see a possibility to use these cutouts also alternatively than just licenseplate holders :wink: