Deleting all fixtures with single button

Tried to find something related this but couldn’t find.

Now when even one fixture locks modifying/morphing the body I would really much like to see button which deletes all fixtures. What I’m really hoping is the old suggestion that we could morph the body even after placing the fixtures. But now when I’m holding my breath waiting for that to happen I get really frustrated with the Car scenarios.

I first design a car and place fixtures on top of that. If I realize in the end that I should have made for example wheel arches wider to achieve more tameness I’ll have to go back where I started and remove manually all the fixtures before I can morph my car again. And if I did design the car good looking (usually I don’t do that in scenarios) it’s a real pain in the butt trying to get rid of all the fixtures.

Simple as that.

Well, you can reselect the body you’ve chosen. This deletes all the fixtures.

True, but I bet he’s hoping for a method that retains the morphs already in place

But it also reverses all morphing.


But it also reverses all morphing.[/quote]