Designer Suggestions

After spending a decent amount of time with the car designer, I can honestly say I really like where things are going with this game. Here are some of my thoughts on tweaks I wouldn’t mind seeing.

Fixture Layering:

With the basic fixture set available in the demo, layering is a great way to add more complex designs to the shell. However, I have trouble selecting fixtures that I’ve place on top of one another. For example; if I put small lights completely within a grille, the game only allows me to select the grille. I cannot select the lights unless part of it extends outside the grille structure. Maybe a click-select layer control would help this matter? If the cursor is over a stack of multiple items, with each click the selection scrolls to the next fixture below, and the player would always be able to select the correct fixture for fine-tuning.

Fixture Duplication:

It would be very convenient if I could copy-paste fixtures if I need two the same exact size. Could a Duplicate button be added somewhere when a fixture is selected?

Centering Headlights and Taillights:

It would be a neat option if we could mount headlights or taillights in the center of the body. Think Tucker Torpedo. And we’d be able to make true full-width taillights for the rear as well.

Shell Stretching options:

Now, I understand that options for morphing the car bodies are complicated to add to the game; however, if any additional options are available for consideration, I would like to see the options to raise or lower the window belt line of the car models and to adjust the corners of the car models to give a more pointed or boxy look to the front and rear. Also, it would also be helpful to be able to morph the body once fixtures are added.

I would like to say that for small development team, you have truly made an addicting program! I definitely look forward to future updates and the full release. :sunglasses:

Fixture duplication is most likely getting added, all the other things are technically impossible or very hard.

Glad you’re enjoying the game though! :slight_smile: