DKC Design House

Hello everyone and welcome to the Dinner King Customs Design House!

I have 240 hours logged into Automation at the time of writing and just now decided to join the forums. What better way to start my forum journey than by sharing a few designs I’ve done over the years?


Starting off with some antiquated stuff from 2018 when I first got the game after the BeamNG exporter dropped:

Trust me it will only get better from here:

(Edit: This is the very first iteration of the DKC Photon supercar.)

The DKC Pugilist.

I have no idea what I named either of these since everything I’m posting so far was made 5 years ago.

My first attempt at building a luxury sports car, the DKC Elegy.

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Here’s when I built a small track toy.

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The first iteration of the DKC Phalanx, a name that will appear later.

Another supercar I whipped up utilizing the modded (at the time) Saleen Raptor body.

And with that, we’ve reached the end of the 2018 era of Dinner King Customs!

Stay tuned for for the 2020-2021 era…


Looking back, many of your old builds left a lot to be desired aesthetically, except for a few that actually looked good - and I bet your skills have improved considerably since then.

Thanks, I think my skills have definitely improved during the past 5 years.

After over 2 years of radio silence, Dinner King Customs came back to the scene at the tail end of 2020 with the DKC Dionysus hypercar:

The Ghost was built not long after the Dionysus. It was DKC’s foray into future muscle:

DKC also made the Claymore, a futuristic GT car inspired by the Mercedes-AMG GT:


As the year of our lord and savior 2021 rolled around, DKC decided to remake the Photon from the ground up with some inspiration from the Quadra Turbo R V-Tech of Cyberpunk fame:

Below is the 3 latest DKC models together in a group photo:

(From left: Photon, Claymore, Ghost)

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There is nothing much to say about the Quark besides it being DKC’s attempt at an offroad hatchback:

On the other hand we have the Bayonet, DKC’s idea of extreme at the time fitted with a 6-cylinder boxer:

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3 years after the original Phalanx was built, Dinner King Customs went and reimagined it as a big huge truck:

Not content with their first attempt, DKC redesigned the Phalanx as an SUV:

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Here’s 3 more one-offs for you:

(Left: The DKC Shogun; Middle: The DKC Hypertruck; Right: The DKC 'Zegg X10)

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A concept car for the heck of it:

The DKC Vindicator, a restomodded early 1900s beast:

The DKC Drip, inspired by the Nissan Kicks:

Finally, one stock & 2 modified Drips in a group photo:

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The Gecko was the result of DKC figuring out how big of a V12 they could shove into a kei car:

A one-off hypercar dubbed the Mjolnir:

DKC’s attempt at a Rolls-Royce inspired luxury car:

The Mammoth, a Dinner King Customs flavored Euro truck:

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DKC Photon MK. II

It’s the new style! Remade from scratch! Looks even cooler than ever!

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