Do these fixtures work for you?

I am designing a car, and I wanted to put exhausts coming up the side. There’s no fixture for it, so I used some bumper bars, I’m wondering if this works, or if it just requires too much suspension of disbelief.


You could use the thinner bumper bars, that way the exhaust would look decent when viewed at an angle, too.

Thanks. It helps with the continuity, even though it’s not quite as 3D as I would like. They do look better.

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Looks nice.
But the rims are to modern for that body, however… the paint, WOW!!!

Thank you. I was going for kind of a Hot Wheels thing.

I’m not sure if it’s still on UE4, but I know there was a mod for side exit exhausts before. And they were easily angled up like that as well.