Door and seating options weirdness [BUG]

Some bodies claim to have a number of doors, but when you look at their seams, it’s a different (and probably intended) number.
These are the ones. Probably worth taking a second look at other bodies in their families.

  • Stylish SUV_09_ELWB_N3 has 3 doors, listed as 5
  • 88_eu_liftback_5door_XL_cpp has 5 doors, listed as 3
  • 88_eu_liftback_5door_L_cpp has 5 doors, listed as 3
  • 82_gen_liftback_XL_cpp has 5 doors, listed as 3 (as do the others in the 82_gen_liftback family of wheelbases)

I’d also like to comment on how some seat row arrangements don’t really make sense. There are bodies with tons of space that don’t allow more than 2+2, while tiny ones have 2 full rows. This applies mostly to coupes and convertibles, often with 3500L+ cabin space.
These bodies stand out most to me as being especially weird.

  • 10sLEdge_Convertible_BP_Preview has 3m wheelbase, 4,517L space, is a 2+2. Equivalent sedan is a little bigger and fits 2 full rows.
  • 08_KeiOR_270_2_SUV_ST_3_CPP has 4,500L, sits 2+2, the 4 door version in this body has full 3 row seating
  • Charites_00_Saloon_Convertible_Hard_2DR_SWB_Preview has 2,659L, has 2 full rows.
  • 94_jpn_hardtop_xl_cpp has 1 row seating, 3m wheelbase; its smaller brother, 94_jpn)hardtop_s_cpp has a 2.5m wheelbase and seats 2+2
  • 70s_Midsize_Sedan_Preview is a 4 door sedan with 2+2 seating, the equivalent wagon is also 2+2
  • 70s_Large_Wagon_Coupe_Preview has full 3 row seating on a 2.8m wheelbase, its bigger brother, 70s_Huge_Wagon_Coupe_Preview has 2 full rows only,