Döttinger Hohe (Nurburgring back straight) - v1

This is not the full Nurburgring test track. Instead, I’ve just taken a 2km long segment of the back straight for drag racing or top speed purposes.

Yes, the car leaves the line from a stationary rest.
No, this track will not give quarter mile/standing kilometer times 100% accurate to what your car is simulated to run becuase the back straight is not flat and is bumpy as hell.

Background track graphic from Google Earth.

== Changelog ==
v1: Track created. Elevation profile, sportiness values and length match the track in real-life closely.

== Download ==
Nurburgring back straight v1.zip (573.3 KB)


Döttinger Hohe is what I believe they call the back straight.

Shall be updated. Can someone confirm this? I’m not a 100% certain… it appears to be just a stretch of the entire straight, but maybe I’m wrong

Yes, the back straight is called Döttinger Hohe. It follows from the long cambered R hander where you get the run up to it called Galgenkopf. The kink at the end of the straight that goes under the BILSTEIN bridge is Antoniusbuche, and then going down into the dip plus the right kink by which point most cars are heavily braking, that’s Tiergarten.

The main thing I would suggest, which would actually be a pretty major thing, is if we really wanted to find out how fast the cars would get on the straight itself as opposed to waiting several minutes for the full simulation to finish (actually something worth suggesting: the ability to seek to a certain point in the simulation, though that’d probably cause all kinds of processing problems), I would totally include the run-up to it, starting not at Galgenkopf, but even from the exit of Klein-Karussel. And I would also include that tricky kink of Tiergarten and maybe even the first corner of Hohenrain because that’s the properly sharp turn you have to brake all that distance ahead for unless you want a premature date with a lot of armco (except if you’re doing the full extended course).


If only the Nurburgring was sectioned into quarters… Oh, wait. (Checks NFS : Shift)