Dual exhaust

It would be nice, if we could make dual exhaust for line engines.

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Euhm… don’t they simply have one exhaust manifold?

Any double (or more) exhausts you put as fixtures on the car would just be branches off that single one. Only V engines have two manifolds that can actually end up in two separate exhausts (or branch off into 4).

Those branches don’t really do anything except for aesthetics… I struggle to think of an inline-4 or 6 engine with a proper double exhaust.

Oh, there are a lot of cars with L6 engines and dual exhaust, most Mercedes, BMW and Opel. Maybe some more european manufacturer like Jaguar or so.

That won’t be a thing in Automation because we’d have to do twice the modelling work on the headers… for what exactly? :slight_smile: There are a ton of things that “would be nice” and this one is pretty irrelevant to gameplay, so don’t expect it to happen.

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But isn’t that just two pipes from the same exhaust manifold with minimal benefits (so, basically, quality in automation)?

Can’t you just use the headers from the v-6?

I’m sure it’s just a Boolean string I don’t know why we don’t have it already :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Pretty much all the naturally-aspirated inline-6 BMWs had true dual exhausts.

That said, I agree that while it would be nice, adding a dual exhaust in this case really doesn’t add much, apart from needless complication.


Perhaps add a split after the second muffler? In BeamNG, the exhaust gases only leave the routed one so it would be nice to be able to route to two (or mirrored) exhaust tips.

That’s a necro, but I guess that would be cool. Exhaust gasses aren’t that visible, though, unless your car is running pretty rich, so not sure of how ‘worth it’ it would be considering it would probably take a decent amount of dev time.

Ah, fair enough, didn’t see the the date. I remember making a super car recently as it was trailing a massive black cloud on the grid map.