Dual injection - actual status?

I’ve seen dual injection (both port and direct injectors used in the same engine) mentioned a few times as a side topic in a few threads here and it wasn’t picked up by devs (no wonder, it really was just a side mention). So now, I’d like to ask, what’s its status? Is it a definite “we don’t really need that before 2020”, a “maybe in the far future” or some “we didn’t actually analyse that”? I know, I know, it’s a very late tech, considering the scope of the game, but that might not actually be a big downside IMO:

  • the late game is usually just minor refreshing of all the things while waiting for the end, so an opportunity to actually change sth would be welcome
  • wouldn’t the timeline extend at some point, since we already got to 2020 IRL?
  • sandbox knows no such thing as “the end” really, and it’s still an important portion of the game - and I guess it will stay that way even when the wholly awesome full Grand Campaign blesses us with all its glory - some people just like to chill with no financial constraints of the campaign

And, for the tech itself - it was introduced for the first time as early as 2005, which is 9 years after the first DI - not a big surprise, since it’s mostly a combination of that and MPI with the main difficulty AFAIK being the proper control system for all this. Since then it was used continuously by Toyota, and other manufacturers started adapting it for many different engines (so it’s not some niche solution for one market and a half). From what I’ve read (and watched) it - obviously for a modern tech - helps with fuel efficiency and emissions, eliminates carbon deposits (lower service costs? there’s the added complexity though) and can improve smoothness and reduce noise on lower revs. I guess that it might also bump the power slightly, but it’s just my semi-educated guess.

And all that was inspired by digging into modern V6s available on the American market, trying to make sth competitive in the game and failing :stuck_out_tongue: Wasn’t some form of tech pool coming to the sandbox? It would really come handy for that.


That is not something we’ve planned on implementing. There is a big art pipeline connected to the fuel systems and the thought of adding one is not very appealing because of that. Also for gameplay I don’t really see it is a necessary thing to add, with it being “DI + better”, i.e. close to “DI + Quality Slider”.

The density of tech coming in around 1990-2010 is quite high as is, I don’t think it needs to be made any more dense by adding another fuel system. :slight_smile:

So definitely in the Automation 2 bucket, but IMO a clear no for Automation 1.0.