E85 and Other Alternative Fuels - Your Thoughts?

So from what I understand, the devs have said that they would like to add E85, but it’s unlikely to happen for quite a while. So what I would like to know is, what would you guys think of E85 being in the game? And what other alternative fuels do you think might make an interesting addition to the game?

E85 is becoming increasingly more available from fuel stations, and many modern cars are compatible with E85 from the factory, so it fits with the game’s street/production car base.

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Read the post again, I’m not requesting it, I’m asking what others think of it, and what other alternative fuels they would like to see.

The main thing I see with adding E85, is that outside of a few countries like brazil, it’s still very far from reaching any sort of mainstream availibility, and we’re just 2 years away from the game’s campaign end year of 2020 (unless they change it).

Also, your post IS a suggestion/request, since you want to discuss about something you think might be a good addition to the game.


When you design a car, it has different stats for each country. I think fuel type already factors in to this to some extent, so perhaps the US-like country could welcome an E85 fuelled car, while a Brazil-like country could have much lower sales.

Another thing I just thought of, E85 would have to reduce reliability. IIRC, ethanol eats through fuel lines. That might just be rubber ones though, so perhaps that could also be another option when building your car.

Also, I am not requesting or suggesting. I simply want to talk about how it would fit into the game. That is neither suggesting nor requesting.

Yeah, considering the price for a liter is 1.60 eur here, while 98 ron costs 1.2 eur, and the car chugs about 25% more on the e85, I’m not seeing it as a good alternative. Perhaps some countries sell it cheaper, but it’s not really viable in eastern europe. We only use it on race cars.

It dries out the fuel pump seals, and destroys rubber lines. Those are to be replaced before running e85

What I mean by “increasingly more available” is that more fuel stations are starting to get ethanol fuel pumps added. It’s becoming easier to find.

And not being economical doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be in the game. The game isn’t supposed to be just about adding only beneficial things, it’s about taking some good parts, and some bad parts, and trying to balance them to achieve the desired results. You wouldn’t buy a V12 super car and expect to have low fuel expenses.

I wouldn’t also expect it to run fuel that’s 95% harder to find than 98 ron. What I am expecting the game to tell me is “Fuel availability 5%, car desireablity reduced”


E85 is cheaper than 87 AKI here in Texas, and it is fairly common.

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I’ll give ya this: E85 is easier to find than any octane higher than 95 RON (which is = 91 AKI I think) in the mid-north of the US… but not by much.

Hi there, gearhead from Brazil here. We don’t have E85 option here. We have either E100 (100% ethanol) or our “gasoline” thats not really gas, it is E27 (27% ethanol + 73% gas).

We have here the so-called “flex engines”, that can take any mixture ranging from 100% gas to 100% ethanol.

I think it is a good idea to include ethanol as an option. You can put E15, E85, E100 options.

You can make the engine be able to run on ethanol only, or be FLEX (it can chew a wide ranger of options, auto-adjusting things, making more or less power depending on the fuel used). But a flex engine will be less eficient than one that can only take pure gas or pure ethanol (thats because the compression ratio will always be “wrong”, a little bit too low for ethanol, a little bit too high for gas).

Ethanol delivers better output than gas in the same engine, at the expense of autonomy and maybe a little bit of reliability, if you don’t use the right parts.

You can also add a poor country that is an agriculture powerhouse and have lots of ethanol from sugar cane. Gas-only cars don’t sell well here in Brazil, and they also pay more taxes. So it would be up to each player to decide if they want to compete in that market, and if they do they’ll need engines that can take ethanol.

Will the '70 oil crisis be in game? Thats when ethanol began to gain a foothold here. Oil prices needs to be in game as they change the consumer sensitivity to fuel economy (people usually want to spend a maximum amount of dollars per mile running the car, if the gas is cheap enough they don’t mind having more power instead of fuel economy).

It’s impossibru to find E85 in poland.It’s also impossibru to buy 100 and 91 octane fuel in poland.It’s only possibru to buy 95,98 octane fuel on fuel station but adding E85 in game is very good idea.

I run at E85 only because it’s 0.6€ and the sp98 is 1.6€ here