Any chance of adding E85 or E98 as a fuel type in the final game? I know you guys aren’t primarily in the US, so Im not sure how much you have seen about what can be done with E85, but basically, in a nutshell, you end up with lower combustions temps (200-300*F lower sometimes) along with somewhere between a 105-110 research octane, all for the price of 87 or 89 pump gas. Esp on FI cars, alot of people see pretty large gains (upwards of 15%) on the same boost level compared to 91/93 pump gas due to increased knock threshold and lower temps. The only downside is, similar to methanol, its stoich ratio is in the mid-upper 9’s so roughly 30-35% more fuel is required compared to standard leaded/unleaded fuels. I dont know how difficult this would be to add in, but it would be awesome if possible :slight_smile:

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That would change engine calculations quite a bit, and while it probably will be in the game at some point, we won’t be able to make that happen for release. It’s a very interesting option though!


If you guys are thinking about new country ideas, a country thats an agricultural powerhouse and makes lots of sugar cane ethanol like Brazil would be a nice addition to the game.

So anyone wanting to compete there needs to make engines that run on ethanol (E85 or E100, here in brazil there is no E85, only E100 in the pumps) or at least can run on both engines (here a “flex engine” can take pure gas and also pure ethanol).


Dont revive threads that dead for gods sake


There is a new thread about E85 and people pointed to this one saying that the OP should have made a search first.

So guys, explain to a noob on this forum: If I want to talk about a subject that was discussed years ago, should I open a new topic or post on the old one? Thanks.


People get pissed no matter what you do, I wouldn’t worry about it.

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Without looking, I imagine people pointed to this thread as the question of “will E85 be in the game?” has already been answered here. For future reference, if you have further questions about a topic (or something), just post in the newest thread :grinning:

The thing is, most people who “want to discuss a topic discussed years ago” are just rehashing the same arguments that have been discussed many times. It’s particularly bad on the steam forums with the trifecta of repeated suggestions that are wankels, diesels and hybrids/electrics.

For example on the topic of E85 (and other high ethanol fuels), it’s already been said by multiple people that Brazil uses a lot of ethanol in their fuel and has done that for a long time. The thing is, like the devs said a few times it was suggested, high ethanol fuels are a pretty recent development pretty much everywhere outside of Brazil, with many countries where ethanol is still unavailable.

While some people are a tad aggressive when it comes to asking people to use the search function, the reason we ask people to use the seach function is so we don’t see the same suggestions and arguments over and over again, especially when the devs themselves have publicly told people their opinion on that suggestion/argument.

If you have a completely new perspective on a topic, feel free to make a new thread.

For E85, you can roleplay it with 100 RON gasoline - just decide that this is E85, you get the small octane bonus and the limited availability penalty - that might not make much sense in the context of the campaign, but as a flavor element for a company’s lore in the forums it does the trick decently