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Back in September, following my friend picking up a 1995 Chevrolet Astro, I went searching for a second car. The FB RX-7 had always caught my eye as a lesser known but gorgeous and interesting Japanese sports car. And, so I decided to get one. There were a couple listings in my area, one that was posted 7 months ago and the car had been sitting for 9 years prior to that, and iirc it had sat for years before that. The other listing was 2 weeks old; and being put up for sale by the original owner with just under 70k miles on the odometer.

Needless to say, I went and looked at the 2 week old listing. The car was in fantastic shape, the interior had some rough spots (cloth on the seats starting to tear, door handle covers breaking off, garbage bin radio) and the gas tank was claimed to have rust in it. The car was parked at a Mazda dealer (the same one it was bought from in 1983!) to have the tank looked at; I talked to the mechanic, who told me that he replaced the fuel filler neck, fuel pump/filter, and drained/cleaned/sealed the tank. The mechanic also rebuilt the carburetor and did a compression test on the motor (prior to me looking at the car), he said the compression was really good. I also found out that the car had received a rust protection treatment back in the 80s, so the underside is c l e a n. There’s a few minor spots where the coating cracked and let the metal underneath rust, but it’s all minor. The owner decided to sell it because the mechanic recommended that the tank get replaced. However, the paint was in rough rough shape. It sat underneath a tree (being driven occasionally) for about 15 years, and there are a lot of areas where the clear coat is completely gone.

The first look

Pictures taken when I went to go look at the car for the first time.

I fell in love with the car, and we ironed out a deal for just under $2k USD. The previous owner even gave me the original window sticker and owners manual, as well as a bunch of other papers and things he still had lying around. I had it towed up to my buddy’s house (where one of my cars is being stored due to lack of space at my place) a couple days after buying it. Got it registered, put plates on, poured some gas in the tank, and started her up to go for the first drive.

Being towed/owner's manual

Now, the only other standard transmission car I’d ever driven was my uncle’s Willy’s Overland Jeep; a very different car from this. Rotary engines have very very very little low end torque, and it makes them quite different to a piston engine. My inexperienced self stalled the car (partially due to front disc brakes being basically covered in rust to the point where you could barely push the car). Somehow, when I stalled it trying to turn onto a main road to go get gas, the positive terminal on the battery disconnected. After reconnecting the terminal, the fuel pump would not run. Due to the super rusty brakes, I had to get it towed down the street.

A couple days later, I rounded up a team of friends and we went on a hunt for a replacement pump, luckily there’s an Autozone about 20 minutes away that stocks them, and got to work. We got it wired up, plumbed up, burst an old line and had to replace it, and the pump worked. It worked too well, lol, and we flooded the engine. We eventually gave up, after we almost drained the battery. But we came back the next day, and it started right up.

Replace your old fuel lines, kids

The second drive went much better, despite the brakes beginning to fade because of all the rust on them. We took it to a car wash, got gas, and just had fun. Went to a few car meets over the next month, and put some miles on the old girl.

Some pics

After the fuel pump replacement we did a variety of upgrades and things to the car. We replaced the front brake rotors, old ones were warped, alongside new front wheel bearings (though they were not really needed) and brake pads. We got new outer tie rods. New tires; the old ones, while they had basically brand new tread, were dry rotted like nothing I’d ever seen before. We installed a working radio, a Kenwood KRC-403, and replaced both rear speakers; we have yet to replace/rewire the front speakers. Lithium greased the door hinges (no more squeak), and greased the wiper motor (wipers actually move). New drive belts. Replaced the alternator pulley with a dual pulley; this allows me to delete the smog pump, which also happened to have a misaligned pulley, and run two alternator belts instead. We also resurrected the A/C, though it will need a flush and recharge because of mixed refrigerants. Seat covers to protect the seats. And a thorough deep cleaning of the interior.

Dual Alternator Pulley

About a week ago, I got into an accident with my daily. Not a fun day. Luckily, I had my RX-7. For about a day. The damned fuel pump died again. Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday I had issues where the pump would cease to function while driving; however it would usually come back on after sitting on the side of the road for a few minutes. We rewired the fuel pump, which didn’t help, and we almost had to get towed again; but luckily the old girl convinced the pump to run enough to get us back home. I borrowed my aforementioned friend’s 1995 Astro for a couple days since both my cars were out of commission.

Dailying the van

10/10 alignment, would drive straight again

Taking the daily to get inspected at the shop

Yesterday, my friend had me pick him up in the van and we took a trip down to that Autozone and got a warranty replacement on the fuel pump and went to replace it again. This time we did it 100% correctly. We used a real crimper on the wires, and used a lighter to actually heatshrink the connector, followed by electrical taping the connector for added security. We also replaced the fuel filter, old one came off clean so the tank is in good shape with the sealer. If the pump dies again, it’s probably because this brand/model is garbage. My daily is heading to the shop for repairs tomorrow, and should get it back before next Monday, so it only needs to last a week, lol. Hopefully the pump lasts till spring, but only time will tell. I am making plans to completely overhaul the fuel system in the spring with a Carter pump, a fuel pressure regulator, dual fuel filters (in case the tank starts to rust again), and brand new fuel lines.

New Pump, Take Two

fuel pump was completely dead, had to drive it into the garage with the starter since the driveway is too steep to push it

But I finally have a car again! She drives really nicely now; thanks to the new alternator pulley, and a functioning fuel pump. I also have a full smog delete on the books, but the car is in good working order for the moment.

Resurrected again

I would’ve made a thread in here sooner had I known about it! Hope you guys enjoy listening to the story of me and my car, I might consider adding my daily to this thread just because. Maybe I’ll write up a post to this thread for it once it comes back from the shop.


Oval-tuned NASCARs actually have the steering wheel aligned such that it’s pointing slightly to the right to get it to go straight; that’s definitely what’s up with that Astro and not just a bad alignment :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The second- and third-generation cars are definitely better known for their star turns in Initial D, Wangan Midnight, and the Fast and Furious franchises, among others - but the original also deserves some love, and that is exactly what you have been giving the example you just bought. It’s definitely not a JDM turbo model, but it should still be fast enough for your needs.


Little side update on the RX-7:
Went for another drive with the new new fuel pump installed, went pretty well I think.
Got a real pic of the dual alternator pulley with both alternator belts on

Original Pulley

The stock pulley is two washer pieces, basically, that are held together. Kinda a dumb idea, I think.

Also nabbed a pic of the radio. It’s not fully mounted per say, but it works.

Warming up with le choke

Drove about 20 miles today, pretty boring really. There’s not many empty twisty roads around here. You can have one or the other, busy twisty road, or empty flat straight road. Still strings out 3rd gear on the highway without power loss, so the fuel pump is still working. I’ll be more gentle in the upcoming days, as I need to keep the car working as my daily for a few days still, and as the weather gets worse (snow is on the forecast for tonight) I don’t want to wreck another car; especially this one.

I found a couple of decent photo op locations (will keep them in mind for when the Prius gets back), and nabbed a few pics with my big camera.



It’s definitely not a JDM turbo model, but it should still be fast enough for your needs.

I agree. It’s definitely not fast. Grandpa’s mid 2000s Camry can smoke it from a stoplight. But I really do love this car, slow or not it’s really fun. My overall plans are to keep it almost entirely stock, just making general improvements, such as removing the emissions system.

but the original also deserves some love, and that is exactly what you have been giving the example you just bought.

Thanks man! There’s still lots more love to give it!

Yet another side update, lol.
Winter is here. We got about 2-3 inches of snow last night, the Prius is still stuck up in the shop being repaired from the fender bender, and the RX-7 is running strong.

I wake up in the morning and go outside to see this. Took a solid while to get all the ice scraped off, no rear defrost really sucks. But hey, OP front defrost with the A/C on helps make up for it. She started easily, but the ‘add coolant’ light and buzzer came on; but then turned off after she warmed up a bit.

Figured out that the source of the coolant light was a low expansion/overflow tank; the coolant shrank overnight when it was freezing, and so there wasn’t as much as there should have been when the car first started. I grabbed some 50/50 green on the way home and added some coolant to the expansion tank, she should be happy as far as coolant goes tomorrow.

She made it to school just fine. I left early so I could take things slow and drive defensively to avoid wrecking this precious little car. I plan to do the same for every day I have to drive her until the Prius comes back.

The way home was…interesting. Sitting out in a big empty parking lot, in the cold with lots of wind, for 5 hours made the carburetor hate life. She turned over pretty easily though, all things considered; but did not have a good time for a few minutes after starting. I braved the cold to get a video of how she sounded; kinda sounded like a peripheral port, even though it’s still a stock port. But she smoothed out once she got warm and drove home beautifully.


Shop called me with an update on the Prius, things are delayed by a couple days since they had to order some more parts. But it’ll buff out in the end. Thanks for reading!


Things went pretty smoothly the last few days. The snow is finally starting to melt, and I had the car taken to a car wash to get the underside cleaned of salt; I will take it back again before putting her in storage.

Today however, I noticed an odd scratching sound coming from the engine bay. After some diagnosing, I discovered that the alternator pulley bearing is failing now. sigh. The guys in the FB discord server told me of their experiences with this: alternator pulley bearing dies, alternator overheats, alternator melts and dies. I think it’ll last me long enough to get my true daily back, which has been delayed by a few days.

I have ordered an S4* alternator, which is a massive upgrade to the meager 55amp FB alternator and is a direct bolt on upgrade. I’ll have to go and buy a big socket so I can swap the pulleys, I had my friend help me with the pulley swap on this alternator; but I figure I may as well get the tools now so that if/when it dies again I’ll be able to swap pulleys myself. I also ordered some rear brake drums, I figured I may as well since they may be warped. Will go good with the brake shoes I have yet to install.

For those interested, here is a video of the noise. If you can hear it over the fan, its a light scratchy noise.

*for those who don’t know much about RX-7s, they are all labeled in series. First gen RX-7s (SA and FB) are Series 1, 2, and 3; each are slightly different in some ways compared to the others. Second gen RX-7s (FC) are Series 4 and 5. Third gen RX-7s (FD) are Series 6, 7, and 8. RX-8s are technically FEs and Series 9; but they are drastically different in engine design compared to the RX-7s. For example, my car is a 1983, which means it is a Series 2; a facelift from the Series 1 SA.

edit: fixed my misinformation thanks to the comments below.


There were Series 7 and Series 8 third-generation RX-7s, but they were exclusively right-hand drive. If you take these into account, the RX-8 becomes Series 9, with post-facelift examples being Series 10.

Edit: Thanks @LordLetto for further explaining vital details on those particular cars.

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Series 7 (produced from 1996–1998) included minor changes to the car. Updates included a simplified vacuum routing manifold and a 16-bit ECU which combined with an improved intake system netted an extra 10 PS (7 kW). This additional horsepower was only available on manual transmission cars as the increase in power was only seen above 7,000 rpm, which was the redline for automatic transmission equipped cars. The rear spoiler and tail lights were also redesigned. The Type RZ model was now equipped with larger brake rotors as well as 17 inch BBS wheels. In Japan, the Series 7 RX-7 was marketed under the Mazda and ɛ̃fini brand name. The Series 7 was also sold in Australia, New Zealand and the UK. Series 7 RX-7s were produced only in right-hand-drive configuration.
Series 8 (produced from 1998–2002) was the final series, and was only available in the Japanese market. More efficient turbochargers were available on certain models, while improved intercooling and radiator cooling was made possible by a redesigned front fascia with larger openings. The seats, steering wheel, and instrument cluster were all changed. The rear spoiler was modified and gained adjustability on certain models. Three horsepower levels are available: 255 PS for automatic transmission equipped cars, 265 PS for the Type RB, and 280 PS available on the top-of-the-line sporting models.


There were Series 7 and Series 8 third-generation RX-7s, but they were exclusively right-hand drive. If you take these into account, the RX-8 becomes Series 9, with post-facelift examples being Series 10.
Edit: Thanks @LordLetto for further explaining details on those particular cars.

Thanks for the information! I’m not overly familiar with FDs, so this is news to me. It would make sense that the right-hand drive models had different series because I do know that the FD was on the market longer in Japan than it was in the US.


Great car! I like it! Also in the state you get it, no mayor rust or mechanical work.

You did say that you are going to replace the rear drum brakes?
If you did not already ordered parts, maybe you can think about conversion to rear disc setup? Upgrade from 7.9" drum to 9.3" disc is something to think about.


Good luck with you car ;0

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Wowowowoow!!! Awesome car!

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I have a new set of drums and shoes to throw on the car until I can do a disc brake conversion.

I’ve looked at the forum post you have linked, and I cannot seem to find the kit that is linked there, it just goes to some random adware webpage. I also discussed this in the RX-7 discord. It would be a better option to find a rear end out of GSL or GSL-SE (upper trim level models). Those trims came with LSDs and disc brakes standard, and they bolt straight in without modification.

I appreciate the suggestion though, and thanks!


New developments…

(TLDR at the bottom of this section)

The RX-7 is out of commission, again. Yet another fuel problem, smh. My leading vac advance solenoid broke at the plastic tube piece, and I began to have all sorts of problems around the same time (may or may not be related to the vacuum leak, I’m not sure). I checked the spark plugs, and they were bad, but I cleaned them off and put them back in; car started right up. I got brand new plugs and the car was running even better, but about 24 hours after the new plugs went in (maybe 2 hours maximum of driving in that time period), the car developed the same symptoms experienced before. I took out the plugs, and they were black. I am told by people on discord that this means I am running super duper rich; so I cleaned off the plugs, and grabbed a screwdriver to start adjusting the carburetor. However, even with the plugs wiped off, the car still had the same misfire and lopey idle symptoms. I just gave up on that and ordered another set of plugs, a set of wires, a new distributor cap, and a new distributor rotor. I figured I may as well go all in on the ignition system to eliminate any other potential variables, and then tune the carburetor starting from maximum lean to get proper idle. While I await my ignition components, I bought a ton of vacuum line and am going through the exceedingly painful and boring task of laboriously replacing all of the vacuum lines. I am also going to get some strong super glue and see if I can repair the broken tube on the leading vac advance solenoid. With re-run vac lines there should not be any leaks, eliminating yet another variable that could prevent me from tuning the carburetor; the repaired solenoid should also allow vac advance to function and improve driveability/economy. I may also just bypass the vac advance solenoids and run vac advance at idle (the solenoids drop vac advance at idle, and bring it in under throttle).

Also, the bearing noise from the old alternator disappeared, but I already received the new alternator in the mail, so decided to install it and upgrade from 50amps to 83amps anyways.

Sorry for the wall of text.
TLDR; ignition system decided to start breaking, carburetor was found to have been running hella rich for some reason. New S4 alternator installed. Also re-running all vacuum lines to eliminate leaks.

Here, have some pictures

The broken solenoid

New plugs vs old plugs (I do not have a picture of how the new plugs look now, but it is similar to how the old ones look)

New S4 alternator looks nice, and voltage is locked to 14v; a lot stronger that the barely sustained 12.5-13.5 of the old one.

Shoutout to this tool. Very helpful for reaching in and grabbing hard to get vacuum lines and pull them out.

Vacuum line replacement part one: solenoid connections are redone.

The ignition/carb tune problems couldn’t have appeared at a better time though. The same day I discovered the hyper rich tune, the shop finally called me and said the Prius was ready!

Now introducing…
My daily!

This is my 2009 Toyota Prius, the last year of the second generation. It is a base model, but was ahead of it’s time in some ways; such as the backup camera and touch screen center console.

Here is the story of this car:
Back in 2008, my dad was still driving around his circa 2002 Hyundai Sonata (I remember it was a dark blue) and it was starting to shit the bed. One day, late august/early september, the Sonata died while he was merging on the highway; and that was all it had left, the Sonata I had remembered for years was now gone. The very same day, my dad signed the paperwork on a brand new 2009 model year Prius. It’s been with us ever since.

About 4 and a half years ago, my dad was rear-ended in a parking lot. Fortunately it was at fairly low speed, and no one was injured; and the Prius rolled away to a shop for repairs. About 3 years ago, I got my learner’s permit and learned how to drive on the car; about the same time, my dad upgraded himself to a 2015 Ford Fusion in anticipation of me getting my full up license. Not long after I got my license, the title was turned over to me, and I became the second owner; the car had about 72k miles on the clock at that time, if I remember correctly. I was dinged by a distracted driver while backing out of a parking spot about 6 months after that, but the damage amounted to a small dent no larger than the hail dents on the roof.

Fast forward to 2019, the car has been running fantastic as it always has. It’s clear that it’s an 11 year old car, but it’s in excellent shape and maintenance has been regular. A couple weeks ago however, I ended up in an accident where I rear ended an SUV. Basically sums up to me being tired from a long, busy work shift, and one of the most poorly designed intersections I’ve ever seen; oh, and it was nearing rush hour too. The SUV took minimal damage, one side of the exhaust popped off the hanger, a plastic trim piece popped out a bit, and the bash bar may have been dented slightly (I never found out the full extent of the damage on that car). Sadly, the Prius did not fare very well at all. The damage was fairly minimal, but quite severe in the affected area. Fortunately, the radiator (nor any other essential equipment) was not damaged and I was able to make it home. This was my first real accident, and it was an experience I hope to never repeat; I’ve also decided to take an alternate route to the one that passes through the scene as I have now realized how dangerous that intersection actually is.

I talked to my insurance and got the car scheduled to be taken in to a body shop for repairs (this is when I found out how extensive the damage was). The hood, bumper, and radiator, as well as some miscellaneous support structures were damaged beyond repair (the radiator was not punctured, but was damaged). Thanks to my deductible, my wallet escaped unscathed, and the Prius is looking as if it rolled into the garage back in late 2008 for the first time. The fresh paint on the front end, and the new headlight assemblies make it look quite sharp. And boy am I glad she’s back home.

Picking up from the body shop

I plan on starting to take care of maintenance myself as much as I can now that I have gained some experience from working on the RX-7 (I am in IT by trade, cars is a new hobby). I would also like to drive this car until it can’t drive anymore, and then possibly converting it into some kind of swap candidate project car (if possible) once that day arrives. In the meantime though, she runs great, and is still driving stronk at 97k miles approaching 98k.

Some miscellaneous pictures

Prius next to my dad’s “new” Lexus HS250h, purchased used in anticipation of my brother getting his license soon :tm:

Back in September after getting the Mazda’s fuel pump running

Sometime in October


Woot! More stuff!

The RX-7 is back at it again, in a good way this time. Brand new ignition components is now giving the mighty 12A some stronk spark; and a proper carb tune is running it leaner and cleaner. I also bypassed the vac advance solenoids and am now running vac advance at idle as well as under load (a little nicer to drive, and should get better economy).

New distributor cap, rotor, new spark plug wires, and another set of brand new NGK BR8EQ14 spark plugs.

Smoking out the neighborhood as I wait for the engine to warm up before tuning it.

Some happy braps

On the Prius side, I only have one thing to report:

We hit 98k miles!

That’s it for this report. Next time I should have a new clutch master cylinder on the Mazda, and hopefully new rear drums and shoes.


Me and my excessive updates and posts, smh.

RX-7 is still running, leaning out the carb is keeping the spark plugs nice and clean. It’s also driving really nicely with the stronk spark; bypassing the vac advance solenoids makes starting a whole lot easier, and I figured out what tube is the idle compensator (cruise valve) so it coasts a lot nicer (while in gear) and turning the headlights on doesn’t drop the idle speed anymore, lul.

I took both the Mazda and the Prius out for a drive, grabbed a few pictures, and discovered a couple other decent photo op locations. One of these days I’d like to take my parents’ cars out for some photo shoots and make a post about them here; I’d also like to do this with my friends’ cars. But that’s for another day; for now, enjoy some more pictures of not broken cars!




It’s been a while since my last post.

And not much has changed.
I did finally do a real oil change on the RX-7, rather than just adding oil. Kinda mad I didn’t just do it earlier, its so easy on these cars. The oil filter is up top, in the engine bay, so you only have to crawl under the car to get the drain plug off and back on.

She seems a bit happier now that any remaining old/bad oil is gone. The transmission on the other hand, keeps telling me it wants new fluid; the feel in gear changes has never been worse. I’ll be doing that on Monday, and I’ll take a look at the handbrake tensioner while I’m under there (handbrake is super loose. It was nice and tight when I got the car, but one of my buddies yanked it too hard).

Hopefully brakes and diff fluid will follow shortly after, but I’m about to get slapped in the face by finals, so we’ll see how much time I have for car stuff.

This last week I haven’t done anything to the car besides checking/adding oil as part of rotary life. Still driving great, aside from the chunky and awkward feeling in the shifter. I have grabbed a few more videos to share, and that’s about it, lol.


small edit: cold starts usually aren’t like this, normally it will fire up quite quickly; I suspect that the leaner tune on the carburetor is the culprit. I might richen it a tad bit, but I don’t want to risk running too rich and fouling plugs again
And at the request of a user on the Automation discord (who is not here on the forums afaik), the boringest startup ever

Today was kinda fun though, me and a couple buddies hung out for a while and played some games. My friend also decided to take his mom’s NC Miata out for a drive, since it hadn’t been driven in a while (she rarely drives it, especially this time of year). Because it barely sees asphalt, the battery was, of course, dead.
And so we resurrected the Miata with none other than the Queen of Unreliability herself: the RX-7.

The Miata’s battery is new-ish, so it shouldn’t need a new one yet; but with how often it doesn’t get driven it probably will. But it was good for it to get out and stretch its legs.


(And the sad little rust bucket of an 89 Crown Victoria owned by same friend’s dad, however it is only up at his house for some maintenance as his dad lives an hour away)

More Miata

I took the long way home from hangin with the bois, and spotted a spot that looked promising for some nighttime photos. Only had my phone on me, but I think they turned out alright. Did some experimenting and used the 16:9 mode, but I feel like the quality is too low, idk. Here they are if you would like to take a look

Nighttime Aesthetic Pics

Side note on the Prius.

I figured out why the rear hatch is so hard to open. The little rubber thing that goes over the handle has melted and deformed at some point in it’s near 11 year lifespan. This makes it hard to actually actuate the handle and release the latch.

Will have to see about fixing this. I’ve been avoiding use of the hatch, but it’s nice to have a 4 door daily that can also carry some cargo. Not to mention that my ice scraper is back there, lol.


Just a minor update here before some major work gets done on the RX-7.

It’s starting to have some difficulties getting into gear, but I do not think that it is transmission related as it will go into gear smoother than silk if I jam the clutch into the floor, starting to think the clutch master cylinder (and/or the clutch slave cylinder) are finally biting the dust. Luckily, I’m replacing both.

All of the parts I’ve ordered are finally here, including some miscellaneous other things; such as a new air cleaner, new defrost switch, and a new driver’s side tail light so I can get the outer lens back. All rear brake components have arrived and it’s now time to get to work.

I’m still a big noob when it comes to this kind of stuff, so a work buddy is going to help me out and teach me how to service drum brakes and service clutch cylinders. Should have an update on that stuff tomorrow or sunday as we are meeting up to work on stuff tomorrow. edit: My work buddy texted me earlier stating that, due to personal reasons, we will have to postpone the meeting until a later date. In the meantime I will likely change the diff fluid and possibly replace the clutch cylinders on my own, but the brakes will have to wait

The new air cleaner (“air cleaner” is ‘carburetor’ speak for “air filter”) actually seems to have netted an improvement. Not necessarily any yields in torque/power, but it is misfiring at warm idle less and holds a more consistent idle speed. Probably just my imagination, but she sounds a little happier now that air is clean and less restricted from the ancient and dirty cleaner.

I’m not sure if I ever mentioned it earlier, but at some point the outer lens/cover for the driver’s side tail light fell off while driving around one day. So it looks a little tacky right now and is missing a rear reflector. In the SA/FB RX-7 discord there’s a guy who races FBs and has like 11 parts cars; he doesn’t need interior bits and has more cars than he’ll need for lights and stuff, so he hooked me up with a driver’s tail light off one of his parts cars (the outer lens isn’t cracked, which is actually pretty rare) and he just happened to have an S2 with enough interior left to have a rear defrost switch.

My defrost switch had melted at some point (don’t think these cars have an automatic turn off for the rear defrost, so you have to remember to turn it off at some point) and so the electrical part of my original switch was missing. We got the new switch installed and rear defrost is now fully functional! Makes me feel better about driving in the dark and when it’s cold/raining as I now have better rear visibility (the side mirrors on these cars are borderline useless, so the interior mirror is basically the only viable way to see behind you).

And I of course had another small photo shoot. I love taking pictures of this car.

Yet more pictures

The defrost at work!

Yesterday we took a trip to a local junkyard to look for a middle row seatbelt and a rear bench for my friend’s Astro. Due to various reasons, we could not take the Astro with us, so we had to take my Prius. Somehow, we did manage to make the rear bench fit and we were able to upgrade the Astro to 8 person carrying capacity.

We found a 1995 (same year as the Astro) GMC Sierra that was fairly new to the junkyard. The rear bench was in great shape and we salvaged a middle row seat belt attachment that we retrofitted to the driver’s side of the middle bench so he can now have 3 people with seatbelts in the middle row. We also grabbed floor mats from that Sierra, but they were filthy and are going to get cleaned before they go in the Astro.

Crap quality, but aesthetic pic from the rear bench:

Stay tuned for updates on the RX-7!


I’m going to be hanging out with my work buddy this Saturday, weather permitting, to do the brakes and clutch cylinders. Still haven’t done diff fluid, lol, and idk when I’ll get around to it. But I did accomplish something since the last post.

But before I get to that, it snowed again. And I just so happened to have been driving the RX-7. sigh
Luckily, I beat the salt trucks, for the most part. I got stuck about a mile behind a single truck, but he exited the highway at the next exit and I had a good 10-15 miles of salt free snowy highway after that. Being paranoid, I still went and got a car wash to clear away any potential rust gremlins.
I had been hanging out with a friend all day, and it started snowing when we went out to get some dinner; I ate up quickly and left early to avoid worsening roads, and of course road salt.

Southbound on the highway was basically empty, which was nice (and let me take this pic, and don’t worry I was watching the road not my phone; took a blind pic).

Snowy girl

Getting up a snow covered driveway in a RWD sports car… Let’s just say that I managed to do it without hitting either of my dad’s cars…

And an ice covered Prius.

Ok, now on to the accomplished task.

As I’ve mentioned previously, the driver’s side outer lens fell off at some point. Car looks pretty tacky without it, and the reflector is gone because it’s part of that lens. As you can see in the picture above, it’s not pretty and my tape job to keep the inner lenses from falling out (mostly a paranoid thing, they were totally fine) didn’t help. I finally went out and got a heat gun and some adhesive sealant to get the passenger lens off for resealing and to get the lens off my “new” spare tail light to slap on the driver’s side tail light.

The spare tail light’s adhesive had actually already broken off, and that made it pretty easy to remove, besides the stupid plastic clip I broke off in the process of doing so. Not a big deal as the clip isn’t technically necessary. The passenger outer lens didn’t come off as easy, I melted the plastic a bit trying to get the adhesive to break loose in one spot, and the clip decided to be an asshole and broke a part of the lens off.

However, it didn’t break into the actual lens part, and it still sealed up nicely with the new adhesive; just looks kinda eh, and the melted plastic doesn’t help.

Took both tail light assemblies out to make it easier to seal the lenses on.

I cleaned both lenses with dish soap and warm water. Took all the dirt out of the inside and outside. They look pretty minty now.

My ghetto solution to clamping the lens on to make the adhesive stick properly. It worked pretty well though, lol.

And both done after drying for 2 hours! They’ll still need 24 hours to fully cure, but 2 hours was enough to make them stick pretty strongly.

Hell yea! They’re both looking great, nice and minty. No longer tacky, and I’ve got both reflectors.
As customary, more photo shoot stuff:

Minty Pics

And…it’s bedtime. Next time should hopefully be with new brakes and new clutch cylinders.


Now that the Christmas festivities are over, time for an update. Hope y’all had a Merry Chrysler and got good presents.

Me being me, I didn’t take any pictures while we were working on the brakes (so you’re stuck with text wall), but I’ve got both good and bad news. Fortunately, the bad news isn’t detrimental, but it did put a halt to the work on the brakes.

The passenger side drum had a leaky wheel cylinder, which is where my brake fluid leak was. I’ve been driving the car about every day since we replaced it and my brake master is still full. While we’re on the topic of the passenger side rear brakes, I found out why my handbrake sucks. The shoe self-adjuster screw is stripped, so the ratcheting nut thing can’t go out any farther; so basically only the driver’s side wheel is locked when the handbrake is pulled. I have not been able to find any of these screws for sale online, so I may be stuck with this; unless I get one from a guy on Discord or change rear axles. I’ve been living with it like this for some time, so I wouldn’t say its the end of the world.

On the driver’s side, the wheel cylinder is seized. We tried to get the brake lines off of it, but one of them is stuck to the wheel cylinder. We can’t replace the wheel cylinder without breaking that line. Because the cylinder is seized, the shoes are stuck out and rub constantly. One of the guys on Discord still has his old drum rear axle and therefore has the exact brake line I need (it is a hard line). It’s off a California car, and he says that it came off easily and is not clogged. So once I get that brake line we can replace the driver’s side wheel cylinder and finish the brake service.

Even after the one wheel cylinder replacement and bleeding the brakes, the pedal feels a lot nicer and does not pulsate under braking. The car slows smoother and I’m more confident in it’s ability to stop, but that driver’s side drum makes the car pull to the left under heavy braking and still sketches me out a little.

I tensioned the alternator belts again, typical service as the belts break in. I’ve been checking my oil before cold starts and/or after letting it cool off for at least an hour after a drive. Been topping off the oil when it gets down to the top of the cross hatches. I checked my tire pressure and let a bunch of air out, recommended tire pressure is 27psi, the tire shop had filled them to like 31 when they put them on. Car seems to handle a little bit better thanks to that. My fuel economy seems to have improved lately, but it may have been me forgetting to reset the trip meter when I filled up once, so we’ll see. I do expect a small improvement once we fix that rubbing on the brakes.

Prius tire pressures were checked, perfect. Probably should check the oil soon, she’s probably about due for a change as well. At 98k miles, I’m also thinking that it’s probably time to change the spark plugs, so I’ll have to see if I have an extension long enough to reach down those deep wells. The Lexus probably needs new spark plugs as well since it is at about 99k miles iirc.

The Lexus had the TPS light come on again. The tires were each at least 5 psi off from where they are supposed to be. I filled the tires back when it started getting cold, so I’m not sure why they are already this low again. The car doesn’t get driven that much, but I doubt that’s the problem. My dad says that if the TPS light comes on again he’ll just get new tires; after all, the tread is pretty low and they’d need replacing by spring anyways. The previous owner told us he got these tires put on when he bought the car and they have not been changed since (previous owner bought it in 2012 iirc).

My dad scheduled the Fusion for a service at the Ford dealership, and he’s making me take it in. So tomorrow I will be in charge of it. Probably will take some pictures and things to post on here. He’ll be taking the Lexus to work, which is good since it needs to get out and move.

My parents got me some cassette tapes from the late 70s, 80s, and early 90s for Christmas. I haven’t tried them all out yet, but the ones I’ve tried work and have some pretty decent tunes on them. Really makes me want to get the front speakers in the RX-7 wired up.
I also got the Haynes Repair Manual for the RX-7, so with that and the Mazda Workshop Manual I have I should be able to fix/repair/replace just about anything.

I found the window sticker again when I cleaned out the RX-7. Took some pictures of it since I thought some of you guys might like to see some of the features it has.

Original window sticker

I will mention that the illuminated ignition key cylinder does not work, nor does the light off reminder chime or the ignition key reminder (though idk what the ignition key reminder is even supposed to do). My power antenna doesn’t work, and the mast broke somewhat recently anyways (I’m going to replace it with a non-retractable rubber one eventually).

And I feel like I should mention that the shift buzzer doesn’t work either (light and buzzer that come on when the tach reaches 7k rpm); but I have heard that this actually happens fairly often. The light will burn out, and then the buzzer will not sound; but if you replace the light it will work again. Unfortunately though, the whole shift buzzer and light are on the back of the gauge cluster so it would be a process to fix it. I also wonder if I could fix the other things that don’t work while I’m at it though…

Also small note, the door light sensors are either missing or broken because setting the dome light to “door” doesn’t do anything even when the doors are open.


Oh my. It’s been a couple weeks since my last post. And its been a rough two weeks.

Nothing really new has happened to the RX-7, besides a 140+ mile drive that she handled flawlessly (and got an impressive 23mpg on). I got my new brake hardline and I think we can retrofit a new set of self-adjuster screws to the drums, which is good. Oh, I did have a run in with the mystery “oil flooding” issue, but it seems to have disappeared after I tightened the spark plugs down (they were literally only hand tight, yikes on that one past self).

and she passed 72k miles on the way into work this morning!

I really want to get the clutch master and slave changed out, but unfortunately I’m going to have to wait. The Prius has developed an unidentifiable problem (at least I have not been able to figure it out).

Last weekend the Maintenance light came on in the Prius, signifying that I needed an oil change (which I was overdue anyways). So I did an oil change. After the change, the engine was misfiring a bit at idle and low throttle. I also happened to notice that the oil got overfilled a bit somehow (I measured it out to be below the capacity listed online, but whatever).

Due to the misfire, I decided to check my spark plugs. The first plug came out alright, and I noticed that the ceramic was cracked, probably part of my misfire. The second plug’s ceramic broke and exploded while I was loosening it; I used a combination of a vacuum and air compressor to retrieve as many of the ceramic pieces from the spark plug well as I could before extracting the spark plug. I changed the other two plugs without a hitch, and they came out undamaged. However, when I started the car back up, the engine was shaking and rattling, as if something was pinging around inside a cylinder; it seems like I missed a ceramic piece. The piece did leave the engine and out the exhaust, and based on my research, the engine should not have suffered much, if any, internal damage. After the ceramic piece left the engine, it sounded great and perfectly normal. But then on my shakedown drive, I began to notice a strange noise. I changed oil filters, thinking maybe the Fram filter I put on was junk; and also dropped the oil level back down to just under full in the process. However, even with the oil level corrected and an OEM Toyota/Denso oil filter, the noise persists. To me it sounds like piston slap, but I can’t really tell if it is or not; for all I know it could be a timing issue. Perhaps the timing chain jumped a tooth, or the tensioner broke loose, when the engine rattled and shook with the ceramic piece…

Regardless of what the issue is, I don’t have the knowledge or experience to diagnose or fix it myself. As much as I want to avoid a big repair bill or diagnostic bill, I am going to take the Prius to either the Toyota dealership or a local shop. I may be chasing ghosts, but I’d rather chase a ghost and pay a bit now than wonder why my engine died and have to fork up a lot of cash later.

I’ll include some pictures and videos in a section below if you want to see the old plugs and the well with the broken plug. Videos you can take a listen to the noise yourself. I’ve been avoiding driving it in case this is a big problem, so don’t worry. The RX-7 has been behaving like a good girl since last weekend, so I’m in good hands until the Prius can get diagnosed and/or fixed. Of course, it is January, so I would like to get the Prius roadworthy ASAP in case it decides to snow out of nowhere again.

Thanks, as always, for reading my text walls.

PS: I would say that at this stage, it’s a little too early for 'F’s in the chat, but feel free to do so if you want.

Prius incident

This video was taken the day of the ceramic incident and prior to the new oil filter.
This video was taken after the new oil filter.

And just so I can end on a positive note, here’s a video of a nice, successful cold start of the RX-7.
1983 Mazda RX-7 GS Cold Start - YouTube

I probably won’t post back until one of two things happen:
-I get an update on the Prius
-The rear brakes on the RX-7 get fully serviced and repaired.
or both.

Until next time.