Eco-Diesel Engines

Eco-Diesel engines?

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(Sorry if this has already been asked)

Here in North America, and already 75% of the world is slowly easing into the easier to make gas for diesel engines,
they run longer, and prove to have better MPG if done properly.
I’d like to see the option for Inline diesel engines. Specifically economical intended ones.
Like Chrysler, they just started using their new 3.0L 8 Speed V6 TorqueFlite 30MPG HWY Diesel engine because of the high torque and low carbon dioxide emissions.

It would be cool to see
Bore ranges: 2.2 - 4.5
Fuel: Diesel #2, Biodiesel B20
Types: Inline; 4, 5, & 6; V6; V8; V10 (Those germans made V10 EcoDiesel…crazy i know [But awesome indeed])
Catalyst parts: diesel oxidation and reduction. Ford uses a different system which is majorly complicated with their diesel engines.

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Yep, this one has been covered quite a few times now, diesels won’t make it into the first release of the game as it’s even more added complexity to develop. If we do well enough we’d love to do expansions with stuff like that.

Shame they won’t make it into the first release :frowning:

i hope to see hybrid Diesels