Empire Automotive, Since 2015

Hey everybody, here I will be sharing my designs from 2015 to Who Knows…

First off, the company launched, in 2015, It’s first car, a sports coupé, the Raptor.

196 hp I3 turbo, and 1.3 tons launch this car at 220 km/h (limited)

Next, the not so successful Luxura, from late 2015.

Then, a 2016 sports car looking like a 70’s one, with all modern comfort, the TR20:

Mid 2016, a 5 examplary car, the Raptor Superveloce. 311 km/h, 1.6 ton, 298 ch, 790000 Eu. What more to say? (sorry for the bar thingies on the rear, a vent bugged out)

Then, Late 2016, the Manta. 380ch, 1.8 ton, and 311 km/h for 98000 Eu.

The Raptor being the main car model of the brand, a lot of modifications by different tuners have been made.
This is the Empire x Goals Raptor, with a 60° V8, 650ch, 320 km/h (electronicly limited)
1.8 ton and a DOPE colorway ^^


You can upload stuff to Imgur and link it here, that’s not only the easiest way to not only manage all your pictures but also the easiest way to post multiple pictures as a newcomer. Welcome!


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Not a bad start… All of them look the part!

At any rate, we want to see more detailed specs on each of these models.

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Yeah i’ll add more details, maybe ^^
I don’t really aim to make it look like a real company, it’s just a cover to share my designs lol @abg7

Do peeps get notifications when I edit a post @ramthecowy

When adding new cars, I’d reccomend just making a new post in the thread. That then notifies.


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Alrighty then I’ll make a new post for each car.

Sooooooo late 2016, Empire was asked to build a track car powerful enough to smash the competition.
The project was successful, and the Sonic-10 was born.
Sonic 10 because of the massive 30l/100km V10 developping 1063ch.
The car weights 1.762 tons and goes to a top speed of 343km/h.
Its aerodynamic design allows her to go from 0 to 100 in 3.1 seconds and race a 1km drag track in 18.7 seconds.
With that much power you need good brakes. the 6 - 4 pistons Ceramic brakes of the Sonic 10 can decelerate from 100km/h to complete stop in 27.4 meters.
The rear spoilers apply 25 kgs of downforce while 11 kgs of downforce are applied to the front of the car.
The main body of the car is full Carbon.

While it is a race car, we managed to make it road legal (Lmao, who’mst would drive this on the road).

Here it is:

(that exhaust is sexy)

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Oh btw there is the Official Grille of Empire.
If someone already chose this type of grille for his company, hmu lol

The GT-1 was released in early 2015, powered by a 4L I6 producing 261 hp.
The car costs 19000 Eu without extras, and 26999 for the Black Pack and Spoiler pack.
It weights 1.5 tons and has a top speed of 235 km/h. it achieves 0 to 100 km/h in 5.3 seconds and a kilometer in 25.1 sec, and brakes from 100 to 0 in 27.5 meters.

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I expected at least 50 more, honestly.

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Maybe I’ll make a GT-1 R then lol
As an example, the R33 was 280hp for, like, 50000 Pounds new :confused:

In 1993. With a 2.6. You’re in 2015 with 4 liters, your closest comparison is a TVR Sagaris in terms of engine and you’re about 140hp short.

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lmao true. I’ll pump those numbers up, they are rookie.

(the sagaris is ugly.)

While the Sonic 10 almost seems to have too much power, the much more affordable GT-1 clearly has too little. A more powerful version is what the latter clearly deserves. Also, both of these models use bodies which are 30 years old. The desirability and safety penalties will be enormous!

And anyone who calls a Sagaris ugly is clearly out of his mind… I think it’s the opposite!

Actually the Sagaris is a masterclass in design.

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Sagaris is ugly.

Please leave. :stuck_out_tongue:

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