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Engine Recreation Thread

Since ConeDodger isn’t doing his engine recreation series anymore, I need my real engine fix. So, I built a series of engines from real cars. I will post them on here.

Anyone can post these engines on this thread.

First, an F150 5.4 Triton engine; the engine I have in my own truck, albeit much less powerful due to this one being stock
Ford 5.4 TritonRev0.lua (42.7 KB)

I’ve tried to emulate an H4J-A700 from Renault, engine that goes in my Megane 1.4TCe.
Not a crazy stuff but an interesting ‘downsized engine’; 1.4l Inline 4 plus a little turbo (without DI).

Don’t know the turbo specs so I’ve focused on the power curve…

The emissions also will not match with the original values (153 g/km).

ED: I forgot to attach the file.
1.4L H4J TCeRev2.lua (70.7 KB)

My attempt at some Datsun z engines

They are close but not perfect.

a 1970 L24 out of a 240z

a 1981 L28E from a 280z I’ve rechecked my numbers and this one is way off, my apologies and I will fix as soon as I can.

and a 1983 L28ET from a 280zx

L28tRev0.lua (69.3 KB)
L28Rev0.lua (45 KB)
L24Rev0.lua (42.6 KB)

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a 1967 350 chevy what do you think.
350 ChevyRev0.lua (37.4 KB)

Looking for help with my datsun z engines (see posts above), zhome.com/History/zcarperf.html the power figures are during the gross to net change over and I’m trying to figure out approximately how much power these cars really made when I redo the 280z tonight.

Here’s a half-decent attempt to recreate GM’s LS7.

Before one of you gets on my butt for quality slider abuse, let me do some math and compare.
Chevy sells the LS7 as a crate engine for $17,129 (U.S.) Online.
I’ll use an average rate of 20$ per production hour.
314.2 production hours times 20 = $6284 in man hours
Material costs is $2094.33. 6284 plus 2094.33 = $8378.33.
So this engine’s production cost is about half the price that Chevy sells it at. Seems realistic, doesn’t it?

I know this engine wasn’t made in 2014,
but if i select a date below it then valve lift becomes severe.
Of course at dates like 2008, setting the quality of the heads until valve lift is not a problem nearly quadruples the man hours,
making it unrealistic. Having no tech pools makes me have to set the date higher as a workaround.
In addition I have no control over little tidbits in the intake, block, heads,
and exhaust headers because Automation isn’t THAT in depth.

How do you all think i did?
You can compare this to the real thing at:
chevrolet.com/performance/cr … s/ls7.html

Vortec 5700 L31 One of many Gms 5.7s that they horribly underrated.

Original Engine (C16SE BR Version):

L4 - 1.6L (1.598 cm3)
Overhead Cam - 2 valves per cylinder
Bore x Stroke: 79.0 x 81.5 mm
Compression: 9,4
Fuel System: Injection Multi Point
Power: 92 cv / 5.600 rpm
Torque: 13,0 kgfm / 2.600 rpm
Block: Cast Iron
Head: Aluminum

My engine in Automation:

90.7hp = 91.95cv or 92cv

Here is my collection of Small-Block Chevy’s from the beginning to the end.

With the exception of the 302, these are all cast log, pushrod, overhead valve carburated engines running regular leaded gasoline and have at least one muffler installed. A couple of them still require some tweaking, as well.

The beginning of the legend, a 1955 265 V8 2bbl

1957 283 2bbl

1962 327 4bbl

1966 302 4bbl

1967 350 2bbl

1970 400 2bbl

1974 262 2bbl

1976 305 2bbl

350SBC67 MidRev0.lua (35.3 KB)
265SBC55 StandardRev0.lua (32.1 KB)
262SBC74 StandardRev0.lua (32.2 KB)

That’s pretty impressive. Nice job!
Soon, I will try to post a couple comparable ford engines.

So, I’ve been on a bit of a BMW kick of late. I have a number of BMW engines, 4 cylinder, 6 cylinder, and a few V8’s, N/A and Turbo. Lets give them a look! Since none of these engines are actually mine, I will include them to download for your own game, of course!

First, the V8’s. All of these are MPFI, I hope, except the S63 which is HPI (direct injected). S63 was really tough since I am not good at tuning turbo engines. Maybe someone else can do a better job than I did. It also has a normal twin-turbo instead of the cross-engine intake and exhaust manifolds used in the real car, which probably isn’t as much of a factor as my poor tuning skills.

N62 B36

N62 B40

N62 B44

N62 B48

N63 B44

S63 B44

S65 B40

S65 B44

BMW-V8s.zip (85.6 KB)

Next the Inline 4’s.
S14 B23 EVO2
S14 B25 EVO3
S14-I4s.zip (19 KB)

And finally, my favorite M3 engine, the S50 B30!
BMW-I6’s.zip (42.5 KB)

I’ve tried to emulate an H4J-A700 from Renault, engine that goes in my Megane 1.4TCe.
Not a crazy stuff but an interesting ‘downsized engine’; 1.4l Inline 4 plus a little turbo (without DI).

Don’t know the turbo specs so I’ve focused on the power curve…

The emissions also will not match with the original values (153 g/km).

ED: I forgot to attach the file.[/quote]

The official CO2 values doesn’t match with the reality (the real TCe CO2 is 150-155 g/km), similar with the fuel consumption.

Pinned as we’ve been missing a replica thread for engines.


Where do you all find the info for these?!? :slight_smile:


Alright guys, here are some replica Ford engines.
Ford 6.2 HurricaneRev0.lua (41.3 KB)
Ford Boss 302Rev0.lua (39.7 KB)

I give you, a 283 chevy small block. This particular one is from 1960 and has the 2x4 barrel carb setup. It is nearly spot on but only off by 200 RPM on torque and horsepower.
283 Chevy 2X4Rev0.lua (39.1 KB)

My first attempt at a recreation - constructive criticism always welcome!

One of the greatest engines ever built, according to some - the 1971 Ford Boss 351C.

I did my best to try to match the power and torque figures to what I’ve found online for specs. I relied on this page primarily: boss351registry.com/Engine_S … ations.htm

As you can see, I’m off by 1 ft-lb and 1hp on each, but the RPM figures are close. I played around with every setting possible while keeping some of the other variables constant, such as bore and stroke size, etc. I found I had to use the quality sliders to achieve these results - if anyone is able to improve upon this, I welcome the efforts!

For some of the factors, such as materials and other measurements, I tried to pick the closest alternative. For example, the exhaust diameter is listed at 1.7145 on the site above - 1.75" is the closest I could get.

I think it’s a reasonable reproduction of a classic, down to the year of manufacture. My next project is to recreate the engine I had in my favorite F150 many years ago - the trusty 300ci straight-six.

Boss 351CRev2.lua (38.2 KB)

Today I’ve built the engine which came factory in my first truck, a 1971 Chevy C-10 Cheyenne Super
402 ChevyRev0.lua (40.5 KB)