Engine Suggestions

I’m afraid you’re going to look at my suggestions and go “Absolutely not, what are you on about? Do you have any idea how much more work that is for little or no gain?”, but there is something I would really like to see in a game like this.

Essentially, I want to see the ability to make more novel engines. The one that would be my top choice is wankel-type rotary engines. I’m a huge fan of rotary engines, and I would love to be able to experiment with cars with rotary engines in a game like this one. Also, though, it would be interesting to have the option of using Miller cycle engines. Or perhaps, even things like turbine engines.

Really, though, I’d be happy with rotary engines, which, while additional work for you guys, should be immensely less work than the engines you’ve already implemented (a 2 rotor engine has 3 moving parts; 2 rotors and an eccentric shaft, and the other parts are the 2 housings, and the various seals and springs to hold the seals in place; adding more rotors doesn’t add that much more complexity). It means adding some more technologies to research, but again, this would be relatively easy.

Regardless, I’m very interested in how this game turns out.

Well, you put forth your suggestion humble enough :wink: rotaries are definitely not going to be in the game at release, but they are indeed very interesting and my guess would be that they already are on an imaginary list of things that might come as DLCs.

Also: hell yeah for turbine engines :stuck_out_tongue: that would be pretty cool, albeit probably not really feasible from a car builder’s perspective :wink:

Imaginary list? Doesn’t seem that imaginary to me. :stuck_out_tongue: (although it’s a while since it’s last update)

oh and turbine engines have been tried in cars with varying success. The Chrysler one almost hit production for some reason it didn’t (I can’t remember now).

Ditto. Even though it is very old list “Wankel Rotaries” are already listed as future items that would be really cool but not in at launch. :slight_smile:

On turbine cars, Chrysler did actually make 50 “production” cars as part of testmarketing (with 5 prototypes for 55 total cars). Most of the problems were consumers not being able to adjust to using a turbine powered car. Sound issues, starting procedure problems, counterintuitive warmup. So while the cars were well done for their time, the public just wasn’t ready to adjust to them. It was a really interesting premise though! :slight_smile: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chrysler_Turbine_Car

I do hope rotaries are added eventually, then I can try out my idea for a supercharged 660cc quad-rotor Kei Car >:D

if you want to get really crazy you could always go the way ford thought about back in the 50’s with the Ford Nucleon Concept - Nuclear Reactor powerplant :smiley:

Turbine engines suffer from bad lag in both acceleration and deceleration making them hard to drive. Another problem is they have bad economy at idle.

There is currently a ‘production’ bike that uses a reconditioned Rolls-Royce 250-C20 turboshaft it suffers from turbine lag but I guess is a working example if only an extreme one, imaging doing close to 400km/h on a motorbike with 317(420"Take off power")HP and having to deal with a few seconds lag before you can start to decelerate could get you into some serious trouble.
Wiki link: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MTT_Turbine_Superbike

In development for cars is a Turbine/Electric (Used in trains already) some advantages are you can run the turbine constantly at its most economical speed producing electricity to charge the battery pack (no need to idle the turbine).
Another advantage is the turbine plus the electric motor/motors have a significant weight and size reduction for the same power over a traditional engine, for example the Rolls-Royce 250-XXX engines produce 317-613HP (420-715 TO/HP) and only weigh 73-127KG.

Obviously not expecting this to be in the game at launch but hoping it will be considered later as DLC…

To add an extra piece of technology you could use a hydrogen fuel cell instead of a battery pack…

Pretty cool stuff :slight_smile: turbines rock… and the method of running it at optimum load and rpm all the time to feed a battery is a nice solution to its problems. That sounds more like something to be added to Automation 3.1 in 2018 though. xD

100% agreed lol

Pretty sure rover also produced a turbine car…

Yeap en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rover_Company#Experimental_cars

Yes, we love Rotaries too. Eventually we will have them, have to make some money first though :stuck_out_tongue: