for me game needs some old (or considered as “original”) engines eg. 2 piston engine, or 3 piston (dont remember which model got this second one, but it would be funny), maybe those old engines that was known for not integrated pistones (all pistons moved in this same time), and maybe something really original, like “Lanchester Twin-Crank Twin”, or just go watch this site caranddriver.com/features/th … me-feature

also this site have some aqpl43.dsl.pipex.com/MUSEUM/ … lICeng.htm

Cause we never get enough engines (atkinson rotatory engine is very cool).

As you can see in this thread, more engine types will be coming to the game. As you can also see at the bottom, a lot of the weirder stuff has the potential to be content added after the game’s release. Adding a single engine type is a long process, and requires a lot of time.

i know, if they would make all those engines it would take eternity or 2, i think about only those engines that consider as best\ most awesome\ so stupid that funny\ so bad that funny (unnecessary delete) :laughing:

The engines in that list are the ones actually commonly used in cars, we want to have the types of engines that are actually used in most road cars, rather than obscure ones that have only been used in a few cars.