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Will the Entertainment Weights be looked at in/after the UE4 release?

The weight of each category seem to be way off. 43Kg for a basic entertainment in 2017 is rather heavy, for the actual parts of the system.

Cabling is negligible and modern components, speakers and actual stereo, aren’t anywhere near 43Kg. I can understand the prices going up for the various levels but initial, and consequent level, weights are far too high.

Still chomping at the bit for UE4 release.

Keep up the great work!


Have you taken away the cables in a modern car?
With a multispeaker setup, there will be 10-15 meters or more, just for the speakers.
Not to mention the multitude of cables for the main unit.
Speakers 1-3 kg each. And the fixtures/attachements for the speakers.

43kg for basic entertainment (a radio and 2 or 4 speakers) still seems too much though.


I can agree with this. Overall car weight does seem to be higher than real life, as seen in this thread: Compact model overweight?

This also matches my personal observations; I’m only able to match real life weights using a full aluminum body.


4 basic speakers - approx 3kg
Speaker cable weighs pretty much nothing and is integrated into car loom. Even in a car with no speakers you will still find cables. I’ll call it 2Kg but, as it’s part of the car wiring then, it shouldn’t even be taken into account!
Head unit 1.5Kg (my driveless unit is 880g)

Total weight = approx 6.5Kg

AG weight for a basic, I’m guessing, 4 speaker system is 37Kg more. Are they saying that we carry 36Kg of music around in our cars? :laughing:

Next level up with a CD multichanger would add another 1Kg.

A 2U head unit would be 2Kg.

Each time you could increase the amount of cabling because of “more stuff” but we need it to be more realistic.

Edited with actual figures.

Basic car audio article that shows the “basic” connectors.

From Amazon -
Style:Speaker Wire | Length:50 Feet/15.2 Meters
Item Weight 8.6 ounces of 243g.

My crappy Pioneer MH-180UB (880g) + cage (100g) + 4 speakers (3kg) + 15m of cable (243g) = 4.2Kg for my basic setup which, in my book, is 10% of the weight quoted ingame.

And that’s why I queried it…and a car I designed was 20Kg over weight… :laughing:


Gotta agree. Even including wiring and a anti theft system and gps system stereos are not that heavy. Now when we start to include speaker amps and subwoofers and dvd systems different story but for a system that does not include a cd player 40+kgs is far too much

Removed complete stereo from 2004 ba falcon xr8 with premium stereo (the highest available)…total weight 22kgs excluding wiring (thats a 8" sub and amp a set of 4x7 rear speakers a 6"set of front speakers and a set of front tweaters and the complete HUD including a/c controls and six stacker cd player


Is a basic entertainment unit perhaps including electronics that may not necessarily be considered “entertainment”? Power locks, windows, seats, etc.

That would make sense in that manner, but I’m not sure if it’s all part of the same thing.

I think that’s more the kind of thing that’s included in the interior packages.

Yes, the entertainment systems are overweight in Automation, but possibly not by as some might think.
If I remember correctly, a Nissan S13 has about 120 pounds (54.5kg) of wiring in the car; which is fairly bare-bones by 90’s standards. I don’t know how much of that wiring is related to the amenities… but it definitely adds up.

I can see entertainment systems getting as heavy as they are in the past decade… but they should be significantly lighter before that.

The S13’s radio and speakers weigh roughly 15.5 lbs (7kg), plus whatever the wiring weighs. Add on a kilo or two for the other things I think are tossed into the “entertainment” tab such as trim for the components, mounting brackets, maybe some routing tubes and what not. Things like map lights and interior lights might be tossed into “entertainment” rather than interior… so that’ll add a few more kilos as well.
So I would estimate around 24 pounds or 11 kilos for a 90’s basic entertainment system. I’d expect something nearing double that weight for a modern car’s basic entertainment system.

That seems especially high. The new Bentley SUV (Blegh) has 110 pounds of wiring for everything, entertainment, LIDAR, 12V and 48V systems, lights, power accessories, etc. So 120 pounds for a smaller vehicle with less stuff seems improbable. http://blog.caranddriver.com/it-takes-a-lot-of-wiring-to-keep-a-modern-vehicle-moving-witness-this-bentleys-harness/

That said, I completely agree with the latter statement. Modern cars have half a dozen speakers and double-din headunits even on the low end these days, so the “base weight” of entertainment is definitely going up.

I may be mistaken then… I remember reading it several years ago, and I couldn’t find that resource anymore. I tried to double-check before posting. I do remember it was someone stripping the car to the unibody to be re-painted because he was restoring it; so he put every single wire and connector into a box and weighed it for amusement. Maybe he tossed in the ECU and other components as well… or I’m just pulling 120lbs out of my ass… but I feel like that number is burned into my brain because it was a “holy shit, seriously?!” moment when I read that.

The wiring loom for a basic car with an infotainment system weighs about 2 kg. the radio itself is a further two to three kilos. Definitely not 45 kg, even if you add it all up.

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