Estrada-Vanguard Motors (Vanguard Est. 1962 Estrada Vanguard Es. 1990)

This is the submissions page for all of Estrada’s vehicles from 1947 onwards.

Estrada, Choice for Luxury

Estrada launched their first car in 1947 with the ad campaign slogan: Freemont, be Free, in Style
it had a large passenger saloon area with the 2.5l 4 cylinder engine mounted between the rear wheels, providing excellent handling if not a bit over steer prone

In 1950, Estrada added a new car to the line up, it was the first Estrada to feature a V8 and multiple trim levels
The slogan was ‘Swift, made for you’

Those are some really cool designs. Love the chromework.

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Thanks, I appreciate the feedback.

They look really good and distinctive, what I consider difficult to achieve with 40s bodies. However I have no idea what class Swift is supposed to be (but I like that as an idea of 40s hot ha… erm, fastback?) :smiley:

The Swift is a small saloon/sports 4 door depending on trim level.

In 1954, the Fullerton received a major overhaul. The new fullerton was much bigger and faster than ever before.
The slogan was ‘The new Fullerton, Bigger, Better, Faster’

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Why do you post each photo in a separate post? BTW, I love that consistency of design :slight_smile: