Exhaust Bypass Valves - Loudness/Comfort

The current CSR is quite amusing due to the number of people who absentmindedly included bypass valves on their exhaust without realizing their purpose. While the tooltip does explain that they’re typically for supercars and are used to bypass the muffler, I am guessing that fewer people would have included them if these qualities were expressed through in-game stats.

The loudness of the engine seems unaffected by the option chosen here, and while that might be because the loudness is calculated at low RPM, one would think that if it’s not affecting the loudness value directly, it would still have a negative effect on comfort and possibly other stats in any case. Instead, adding bypass valves can actually increase comfort minorly, probably through the effect on overall engine performance.

I’ll admit that I don’t know much about these (hence my decision to use them), nor do I know what kind of effect they’d have on exhaust volume for engines of varying horsepower, displacement, header choice, etc. But I get the impression that if these had more effects on stats like loudness or comfort, they would reflect reality better and be more balanced overall, instead of seeming like a simple choice for more performance with little drawback.

Let me know what you think, and whether I have this all wrong, which is quite possible. Also for the record I’m not salty at all about my CSR entry (which has yet to be judged). Merely amused, and curious about the game’s handling of it.


I think that thecarlover is handling bypass valves a little differently than I would expect. When I think of exhaust bypass valves I think of something where you have a switch inside the car to choose whether the valves are open or closed so you can choose between a nice quite cruiser or a loud brutal performance car with a couple more horsepower to boot.

I think they’re being calculated like the Corvette Z06, wherein if you absolutely floor it, it bypasses the mufflers altogether, but when driving around in a non-lunatic manner, the whole exhaust system is used. Though I suppose it could also be like the Mustang where you have the little toggle between quiet, loud and extra loud.

The bypass valves are active only on full throttle, where we set the loudness to a value of 60 for the sportiness test. Comfort should not be affected, although the added weight would lower the ride frequency slightly, thus giving a little bit more comfort. The valves themselves do NOT affect comfort, but they allow you to build a quiet car that still sounds like a sports car under full throttle.