Exhaust options?

Is it possible to allow exhaust to be moved around to the sides rather than JUST on the rear of the vehicle? BE great to be able to design cars like this http://media.caranddriver.com/images/12q4/491166/2013-mercedes-benz-g63-amg-side-pipes-and-wheel-photo-495673-s-1280x782.jpg and for the pick ups http://www.yurparts.com/assets/images/mbrp/s6164al.jpg

Just allows a bit more variety :slight_smile:

has been spoken over a thousand times, and the answer was - maybe at some point

and i do want side exhausts, looks just awesome

There are side-pipes in the Community Mod, they are treated as “Vents” however and not exhausts.

Do the visual exhausts actually do anything at the moment? If not, then having them as vents is just a filing problem, right? If the visual elements actually do anything, I’d love to know! =P

no visuals don’t do anything, aside for wings/lips and grilles/vents