External wastegate

Will there eventually be the option to use external wastegates rather than the current limitation to internal gates?

1: The choice of internal gates or external gates doesn’t make enough of a difference in RL factory car application to justify modelling it in-game

2: External gates are for high boost applications so may become a feature of a possible racing DLC in the far future but I wouldn’t lose any sleep over it

3: When you think up ideas like these, ask yourself a couple of questions: Is it an OEM design or an aftermarket mod? Does this part/feature/idea appear on the majority of cars built?

If you get a no for Q2 or Aftermarket for Q1 then you’re highly unlikely to see it implemented in-game without a strong justification for it’s implementation into Automation.

Hope this helps! :grin:

Not likely, what are the performace impacts of external wastegates you’re looking to replicate here?

The main reason I can think of that you’d want an external wastegate is if you were running a fairly small turbo on a large engine and needed to bypass a rediculous amount of exhaust to keep the thing in a sane turbine RPM range? Or I guess on a really high power application where you can’t make a big enough flowing wastegate internally?

Regardless, we only simulate the flow restriction of the turbo itself, and assume that the wastegate flows enough to match the turbo, as really wastegate choice isn’t very interesting, it’s just “Is it big enough or not”