F1 engine contracts

Hi guys I was wondering if in the tycoon mode you could be offered a contract to build an engine for a race series or a race team?

Great idea! Also I think that Audi at some point, used to build diesel engines to their racing cars, so I think it would be a great idea to add diesel engines to the game as well.

Yeah they use them in their Le Mans cars
P.S the devs have already said they might add diesels as a dlc or update after 1.0.

Such contracts are not part of the core game, so anything like this or similar could be part of expansions after Automation 1.0

I think this sort of thing would fit well with a Motorsport expansion… You could have different options for whether you want to just be an engine supplier, or have more a development partnership, or even run your own team.

Yes, that would fit pretty well into the race team manager concept, yes - that would be the place for it.

If you were to make such a dlc or expansion, you could really increase the sales further. There are no recent good race manager games on the market anymore.

That is exactly why we are considering it… and NOT making a driving game :stuck_out_tongue: most people don’t get that point though :wink:


I really REALLY want to DRIVE my Anihalator 9000 GT/SC Supercar!


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Agreed, killrob we need you to focus on making this game 3d printer compatible so we can all build and drive our cars.

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