F1 engines

hey! i’m surely not the only one who has tried it in automation… to build my own F1-engine. however the F1-rules state that the bore has a maximum of 91 mm, but with a maximum of 2.4L, the maximum stroke is just 39.7. currently the minimum stroke is 50mm and the stroke and bore are linked within a range… the rest of the regulations are no problem yet.
So my question is… will i be able to build this engine in the future? perhaps with a special f1-V (next to the V and flatbed V) that can handle the specifications? it would be really cool!!

You know that Automation is a game about a car company. And there are NO cars sold in the free market with a F1-Engine…

Yeah, we’d also need to add pnumatic valve springs, and design all our calculations to work out to 18,000rpm+, not worth the work for a game about road cars.

that’s no entirely true, you forget about the lotus T125 (wich is just a tuned down version of an F1) and it is sold to the public for (just) 600.000 pound(uk) or 1 millon dollar (us).

You could make the t125 as it only revs to 10,300rpm and has traditional valve springs

F1 Engines…really…they last 200 miles before they explode…

and they won’t cold start without hot oil and coolant in them

No they don’t, last one I was looking at was still going strong 3800 miles later.

Stop listening to the marketing men :laughing:

I believe it would be awesome if you could build F1-type engines in Automation, yes the game is primarily focused on road cars, but it would be great to have that posibilty of making those engines to deepen more the “racy” side of Automation, as this is a practice done by many car manufacturers. It would be a nice addition to the game as it will make it more free and sandbox open.

and still not going to happen…

To reiterate from another thread: 12k rpm is already a pretty insane redline. No stock production road car revs that high (Lexus LFA is one of the highest at 9500rpm). In fact, even very few engines could be modified to achieve that result (and rotaries don’t count here lol).

Read somewhere about a Nissan Skyline R34 with a RB26 engine, modified for dragrace, managing 12000rpm. But i agree, 12k is extremly high for an automotive engine.
Motorcycles on the other hand, even the 1000cc engines rev beyond 13000. 600cc engines reach past 16000.

And they do so with valvetrains that we don’t get, also “car tycoon” not motorcycle tycoon.

??? There is no special valvetrain for motorcycle engines, just different dimensions on the components.
The most common valvetrain on a performance motorcycle, is the same as the one used in : Nissan RB26, Toyota 4a-ge, and others. DOHC with mechanical lifter “buckets”.

Audi runs hollow camshafts, hydroformed, with cam lobes pressed on. BMW has the same system on their motorcycle engines. [size=85]Yes i know the Audi har hydraulic rockers.[/size]

Most super high revving bike engines use a small rocker arm to give higher valve lift and increase high rpm breathing.

Soooo… exactly the system used on many car engines. Even the Datsun L24 had something like that.

Different rocker ratios then cars, the smaller valves means then can use lighter weight arms with a higher ratio, combined with a steeper cam angle and stiffer springs means there’s a higher effective lift for less weight.

I have made a F1 Style engine. 1800cc, 751hp, 633nm, Surprisingly reliable, and not very economic…

I’m sure (Due to popular demand, such as yours, no doubt) that the game will have an auto-racing feature DLC once the tycoon is released. Soon, anyway, the game is going to implement a slider for fuel octane rather than a specific set number, so technically you can make infinite octane fuel if you want to. Me personally, I am going to make avgas powered V12 f1 engine, detune it, and then put it in a people carrier. Because I can.