Factory Addon - Plot vs Factory size

Currently factory addons are hardlocked directly to factory size, with meaning you need a minimum of a medium factory to use steel presses or a large factory for anti-corrosion steel; as this represents this addons are physically large and infrastructure heavy. My idea is to instead hardlock it to plot size, but also softlock it to factory size through its maintenance & infrastructure burden.

  • Addons can be build on smaller factories but at the construction cost of building them at a larger factory
  • In additional to having the maintenance and staff costs of a larger factory addon, the building also gives a percentage increase to the factory’s overall maintenance due to the strain on undersized utility infrastructure; this would also apply to tooling stuff
  • Only hard limit is plotsize.

The idea is that it should be physically possible to build an oversize auxillary building as large as your main factory, but it would be a massive underutilized burden to the factory as it would be in real life. This would make the car design of lower production vehicles more interesting too as you consider if straining your factory is really worth being able to produce aluminum bodies a bit faster.


Interesting idea. I’ll put it into our “let’s consider that” bucket :slight_smile:

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I understand that this is an older thread, however in the sake of organization I will not make a new thread.

I really like this idea. Currently, I am trying to start a campaign playthrough that starts by making offroad focused models. Currently, I am limited to a medium 1 factory as the smallest I can go without resorting to aluminum panels which as the no mass production flag (not good for trucks). The problem I am having is that the medium 1 factory is too large for my start, given I am starting with no initial market familiarity and am unable to generate enough familiarity to sell the “massive” production outputs of the medium 1 factory. Ideally, I would be able to produce the truck in a small starter factory to save on factory costs and better match production output with demand, however, as mentioned I would be limited to no mass production.

While having steel presses with a small factory would have drawbacks such as higher strain on factory maintenance and higher costs to operate, I feel like this would be highly beneficial, especially for early campaign where we are building up our company familiarity from nothing.

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