I wasn’t active for a long time anyway.


Is this because someone implied you gave a lot of critique to people which is kind of a critique on you, which - ironically seeing you actually do critique people - triggered a disproportionate drama-queen reaction?



Everything I do on here is to trigger a reaction, be it positive or negative. I do not want to bully people out of enjoying themselves. If anything I am just angry and sad that most my efforts never receive any noteworthy feedback other than ubiquitous likes.
I probably overdid it like I often do, but I want to sincerely apologize for my contribution to this whole debacle and express that I did not intend on this outcome.

In all honesty I’d have loved it if he actually gave me an extensive but honest roasting. I have provided plenty of opportunities.


If it was as reaction on your comment and it getting liked, then my previous comment stands in full. Your comment was clearly tongue-in-cheek. And while, yes, you noticed szafirowy having comments and critique often, I never thought it over the top.

I found your burn harmless and funny.


You wanted a roast? Alright, perhaps this incident will teach you to use your brain before your words when dealing with people.


I have no idea what is going on at all. Why did you randomly tag him in my thread earlier?

Ow come on, that’s ridiculous. Nothing he did was offensive.

And nothing swafirowy did was either. But if you cannot take a light hearted jab, you shouldn’t liberally deal out critique.

Szafirowy used to comment on most of the car company threads, nothing particularly bad, just what was done. You mentioned something about you/your cars being sensitive and not to bully them so that tagging was just a jokey response and it’s spiralled a bit from there. Hopefully will blow itself out.


whew, at least i had a legitimate reason to leave.

Clearly not, since you came back.


i got banned. that’s a pretty obvious reason to leave for a while.

You threw yet another hissy fit on your profile which lead to you getting banned. You said you were never coming back before you got banned as well. So this is your second episode of throwing a hissy fit and deciding you are “done” with the forums. It really doesn’t take us long to catch on, you know.

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i am the Drama Queen™ so don’t be surprised. don’t take this too far off topic either. sorry i kinda started it.

I’m sorry to see you go, @szafirowy01

I don’t really know what happened, but if this is because of a member or two… don’t let them get to you. Not worth leaving what I consider a very good community because of an argument or two. Worst case scenario, you can always join the Discord server… most people have moved onto there anyway, myself included.