Fastest Car in Automation Test Track

It is a fun competition where you have to push a car to its limit using the time in the automation test track provided by the automation simulator.
Only rules:
No body mods.
Within all the mods that are not body, only steam workshop mods are permitted.

To submit your car, you should post a ATT test screenshot and submit a .car file

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I thought that this was a duplicate thread, given that there is already a thread for ATT lap records as driven in BeamNG:

However, that is not the case here, since the objective this time is not to use BeamNG, but the test track tab in Automation to determine the lap time, as stated in the OP:

And there should not only be an overall lap time competition, but also mini-competitions within car, era and price classes as well.

Sory im new to this discourse tournament stuff, if you have suggestions i can accept them, i just wanted to make a free competition without age or anything, just wanted to see how much competitive can this idea be

Not very, I think, because with so few rules quality spam and overpowered chassis are table stakes–having so few constraints makes optimization less interesting.

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My two cents, and please take this a constructive and positive criticism:

A good challenge has well-defined criteria in terms of what the objective is (in this case you do have that being “the fastest ATT time”), but also needs well-defined criteria in terms of restrictions (ET/PU/Cost/whatever else limits). It is those restrictions that make it a challenge and interesting. A challenge also needs some sort of end date or deadline; it cannot be open ended. Have a look at the other challenges on this forum to see what makes a good challenge (there are a few long-standing series that have well fleshed out rule sets, those are a good base to work from).

As for why I don’t think this is a good concept for a challenge: most Automation players when they first get the game naturally build their first car to be “as fast as possible around ATT”. I think we all did this (don’t lie y’all, I know you all did it! :wink: ). But most people grow out of it. There is no real challenge, no real creativity. It’s just about choosing the slipperiest body, building an insane strong engine, AWD, good aero, and quality spam. The top times are in the 1:40s I think. But again, there is no real creative challenge, and most builders simply abandon this concept for more fun and challenging builds; and something more rooted in reality. So in that sense, for most people here this is a “been there done that” kind of thing.

Anyway, welcome to the forums and challenges, and good luck with setting up a successful challenge - and hope to see you participate in others as well! :slight_smile:

Ok, I take your concerns as really positive criticism, the thing is I would like to see the limits that the game has, I personally have a car that make the lap in 1:25,63 which is much less than the 1:40s you say its the round best, and I know that this challenges are much better with restrictions, I am trying to participate in 2 of them, and I can totally understand why are they more challenging that the idea that I am proposing, and I look forward to making more interesting and complicated ones, but I believe that this challenge has a lot to compete, it is not that easy to make the best track car, i believe that there is more that sliding the quality to maximum and that stuff, I just want to see the maximum that somebody can get to.
To round up, I truly understand your “been there done that” but I think there is much more here that can be psuhed to the maximum, but well, if you think nobody is going to be interested, I’ll wait and see, and if its true that nobody is going to be interested then I’ll try another thing.

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It’s not as interesting as it could be because as cake said, its just completely open. Everyone wil use the same car, everyone will use max quality, its not hard to do that. It’s not fun to do that.

To add to this, no realism rules? ie, suspension bottom out, 0 engine cooling.

Well, then use the best body, bottom the suspension out, max quality and try to beat others, I think it is a little bit more difficult than just sliding everything to the maximum, I think you can still beat each others cars, I dont think the end is there, I think there is still a solid competition.

don’t… you see the problem with that? You’ll just recieve 20 copies of the same car with the same time. With no styling to differentiate them.

Well, another question is - how do we even enter this challenge? Post a screenshot of the ATT test screen from Automation on this thread? Do we have to submit a .car file?

I can assure there will be different times, and if its all the same, then we will find the limit of the game.

I didnt think about that, but submiting a ATT test sreen and submitting a .car file is perfect, so then thats how you enter.

It didn’t take very long to break the game and your time.
Literally the time since my first post, so 45 minutes.

Nice bro, thats what i was talking about, but did you use glitches?

No, but how do you know, where’s your rule check? oh you don’t have one. If you asked for submitted cars then you could check yourself.

Yeah bro I said submit a .car file, why are you trying to make fun of this? If you dont like its not wrong.

The reason is because you haven’t defined what you mean with “no glitches or no bugs”. This gives us no direction of what is allowed and what is not. It would be extremely annoying to build something not knowing what the rules are, submit it, and be judged legal or illegal afterward. It is also a ton more work for you. So that’s why - no obvious concrete rules will result in this.

The thing is I am not aware of all of them so I cannot list them, I know that the tyre width can be exceeded and that there are suspension bugs but I dont know them all.

Hello there! @frantesta please take my advice and try to follow the hints of other users. I have recently hosted my first challenge and I really tried to put an effort into it.

First thing I did is I read this topic --> So You Want to Host a Tournament and followed the guidelines listed there.

I think thanks to this my challenge was met with positive feedback.

Cheers and good luck!

Tyre width cannot be exceeded.