Feature Request

I have an idea I wanted to suggest to the developers for Automation. First off, sorry if I’m posting in the wrong area, I literally just joined and thought of this seconds after. Anyways, my idea for this game is a suggestion for the car designer. I think if they added a pickup truck model, or even an SUV or mid-sized SUV the developers would see an increase in the number of people who are planning to buy this game. I would definitely be bought on buying this game if the developers took this idea and did intergrate it into Automation.

Probably the topic is in the wrong area, but, anyway.
I Liked the idea, and i think they were already planning to do a Small SUV or something like that.
If not, it might be the time to discuss.
Let’s wait and See!

Of course Pick-Up trucks and SUV will be in the game.

Yeah, we’re going to cover all the typical body types made by car manufacturers of course :slight_smile:

Wait, so we can do this?


If so I’m about to buy another four copies for donations!

Yes, ofcourse you can. Would be weird making only cars looking like a hatchback, not? Already working hard on it, they are!

Also, you can put a V16 into that thing if you want xD

…That idea’s making me uncomfortable in the unmentionables.

Hate that I’m partially hijacking the thread but it can’t help but be wondered how soft/targa tops and tonneau’s could work. Impacting customer sales for various necessities, “sportiness,” etc. I think I’m getting ahead of myself. There’s so much that’s viable to be done with this game. Flippable/movable/removable/retractable/hideable…yeah I’m getting ahead of myself. But I’ll still try a 4.8L V16.

What about engine compartment space? Wheel lock? Adjustable arms? Mind boggled at the moment.

i do believe that we won’t have the choice to choose on how much wheel lock the thing could possibly have

(read - not enough fun factor)

As I remember well, Killrob said it won’t be a automation SIMULATION game, but a TYCOON game. Going so deeply in-depth onto wheel lock and such, is overkill as its a tycoon game. Engine compartment space might be later on actually, as you choose your body you might be dealing with a min. and max. engine size. Thinking about big pickuptrucks, not having a real limit, but small compact cars not being able to have more than 1.4 or 1.6 engines. Not too sure about this, but it sounds reasonable to me that you can’t make a Smart with a 5.0L V16 engine it it of course.

As you are referring to flip,move,remove, retract and hide for bodyparts, like hardtop/targe, it is actually quite simple. This is a gamedesign explanation, but i’ll try to keep it simple:
The body will be made and any removeable or additional part of the car body can be added as some sort of second or even third item to the body. By having like a menu that says: Targe YES/NO and you select No, you can make that part disappear and get the body to be called Targa quite easily by using code programmed in. It’s not all that hard, but it is quite some work getting it to work correctly at first.

After all, it’s hard to create a lightbulb for the first time, but easy to reproduce it :wink:

Engine compartment size is an important factor, and there would be no need for a stat called “engine size” if we didn’t use it :slight_smile: your engine needs to fit! So yeah, no 5L V8 DOHC in your Smart, but why not a 1.6L DAOHC V16 in a hot hatch? :wink: (apart from price reasons :stuck_out_tongue:)

what about some diesel pickups with some of the upgrades. and get to build transmissions up.

Time to read our FAQ, wags0000. :wink:

thanks and im having a few issues with the game on my computer but i have searched the forums and havent found anything. to help with my problem

Post a message with your issue in the Support forum :slight_smile: