Few more ideas

So, because I downloaded the game, I LOOOVE it. Seriously, I can’t get away from my computer. However, I think a few changes could be done to make it that much more special… A lot more.

  1. Car types: I KNOW it’s been asked A MILLION times, but more car types please! I’m not even gonna continue that, it’s stupid to try since we’re still in development.
  2. Fuel tank size/location: I’m surprised that this hasn’t been asked as far as I know. I think you should be able to change the size/location of the fuel tank, so that the game could be more detailed.
  3. Different sound clips: You should hear the difference between certain engines. It might sound odd, but a V8 with an 8000 RPM redline at 5000 shouldn’t sound like a V8 at 5000 RPM with a 5000 RPM redline.
  4. Different compositions for certain items: I think you should be able to change that fancy new lip to Carbon Fibre. Or, maybe make those new rims Aluminum instead of steel and reduce a little weight.
  5. More specific specifications: Don’t just put the gas mileage, use city/highway/combined! That’d be fun, because I highly doubt that a 950 HP 2-ton AWD supersedan could average 20.5 MPG.
  6. More parts: Okay, so this is basically number 1, because I KNOW you’re working on it. But for a few ideas, maybe you could add a blow-off valve for your turbo, or a centrifugal supercharger, or even- actually, twin-charging probably wouldn’t work too well.

But anyways, keep up the great work guys! I really appreciate it!

1: This is happening, yes. Like you say it’s in development
2: We thought about it, but it really didn’t have enough gameplay effect to be worthwhile.
3: Actually yes, both of those V8s would sound the same. Though the thing that should change the sound a lot that doesn’t is different header types, but there really isn’t a cost effective way to simulate that. Currently sound changes on the basis of cylinder layout, intake, exhaust, cam profile.
4: Yes for wheels, yes for vents etc.
5: Probably not, the one figure pretty much covers what is important for car sales/gameplay.
6: Yes to more parts. No to blow off valves (too little gameplay/performance change), yes to superchargers. Maybe eventually to twincharging.

Cheers and glad you’re enjoying Automation.

Or maybe a more general implementation of this, for example instead of specifying the bonnet and boot lid as carbon fibre and the rest of the body panels aluminium, maybe have a slider, eg 20% Carbon fibre, the rest of the body aluminium.

This is actually already ‘implemented’ in that you can have one material for chassis and something else for the body panels, it just isn’t as granular. The sliders would be a lot easier to implement, but as for whether it adds a proportionate value to the game, hhmm, not sure. Only a handful of cars have separate materials eg cf roof, bonnet, trunk etc.