Few UI suggestions for the designer

  1. Enable more than two cars categories to be pinned.
  2. Dynamic score display when hovering over the pinned car categories. Instead of simply showing the static % contribution of the scores to desirability, also show how the car’s current scores are stacking up against an ‘ideal desirability’ score distribution based on the score currently contributing the greatest to desirability. This will make it much quicker/easier to identify where costs can be cut in irrelevant attributes to a segment, e.g. some segments don’t care about economy much, and possibly reinvested in areas that count.
  3. More at-a-glance information about car bodies when browsing them and before drilling into a specific car design. E.g. a (dimensionless?) weight score (or scores, if the relative scores change depending on ladder/monocoque/spaceframe) which can be used to compared relative body weights, and an aerodynamic score. I’ve noticed bodies that seem to be the similar dimensions and shape, and using the same parts, can end up with wildly different weight and aero.
  1. Why? really think about it.

  2. 2 words: Unreal revamp.

  3. Aerodynamic depends on the aero and the cooling fixtures, although you can check the lua files of the bodies to check the Cd. I give you that it will be nice to see that when choosing a body. Dimensions, you already have that when you choose a body, it appears in a black box in the lower right corner. And weight appears in a tooltip in the chassis tab.


Why #1? Why not is the real question. Being able to optimise a vehicle as a crossover into multiple segments seems very useful to me.

Regarding #3, the given weight is not accurate. Only the weight difference between the panel material is, and that requires drilling into the first level. Try switching between frame types and you’ll see near identical weight, I’m not even sure if that value isn’t just panel weight only. Regarding aero, people shouldn’t have to look at game files to figure out core gameplay information. It should be trivial to provide a generic aero value.

The answer to any “let’s display more information on the UI” would be “show us where you would place this information in a way that would enhance and not clutter gameplay”. It’s not an automatic rejection, but the onus is on the suggester to do that, and frequently some regulars and beta testers actually do just that. Then we can discuss further.

This is true, rest assured that the tool tips are currently not functioning fully. Part of the problem is that some information is not meaningful until the entire model and trim is complete. Previous builds did have the weights and dimensions in the model design section and I personally miss this alot. I kniw you were after some base values, but think the most effective readings will be a lot easier to implement after the Unreal crossover.

The minimal-change solution seems obvious to me, so I didn’t bother saying anything: just pop up more tiles when you hover over the two visible ones, probably in a line extending across the screen. Use pins to determine which two tiles are passively visible.

I don’t understand. Can you make a mock-up?

RMB replaces right tile. The pop-up tiles get the same extended score tool-tip when you hover them as the two tiles already do. The tiles that comprise the pop-up are selected by pinning on the markets screen as the current tiles are.


Thats actually a pretty cool idea.


ohhhhhhh I get it now, thanks for illustrating that, really brings the point across. I think it’s neat. I have no idea if it’ll be possible (or just how it’ll look in the new Unreal interface), and I also don’t know just how the game would select which demographics to use (maybe sorted by competitiveness? or perhaps given the nature of campaign mode, an option to select which several are always displayed. Did you mention that already?) But that’d be quite convenient.

And that is how you do UI suggestions (the illustration that is), without implementation example it is often not even feasible to look into. Neat solution, certainly something for UE4 which will have a much better UI flow overall anyway, I think something like this would fit in pretty well.


One other suggestion, especially looking ahead to full game which will have dozens and dozens of countries, is that these score tiles represent an average of the segment from a player-selected group of countries (weighted by market size?). This would make it easier to optimise base models for an international market, then let players select subgroups to make targeted trims, assuming that is profitable.