Filters for body selection

No big stuff (I think), but it could really help:

  1. Wheelbase limits, pretty please? We had them back in the stone age Kee engine, so why not now? And maybe with sliders this time, so we can filter any range we want?

  2. Seat rows number - so that we could easily spot all those potential 7 seaters among various estates, SUVs and unassuming compact MPVs. I know it could get more complicated with the upcoming changes to seat row counting, but how about that - just name those fractional levels, like “Full 3 rows” or “2+2”.

  3. Now that’s the trickier one - switching between “match all” and “match any” modes for body type filter. The latter is basically what the game does now, shows all the variants that fit any of the ticked types. The former though is the magic - it would still show all fitting variants, but only from the body families that have all of them. Let’s say you want to build a range of pretty standard compact models, and you want all of them on one platform - hatchback, sedan, estate, convertible. They all cater to somewhat different markets, sure, but can be similar enough that separate models aren’t necessary. So you want a body family that has all those variants - right now ticking all those types will show you… most of the bodies in the game. MPV-like hatchbacks that definitely can’t have a sedan variant, a whole bunch of convertibles based on sporty coupes which have nothing to do with estates and so on. That filter would only show those actually fitting bodies.


I found the first one to be especially useful in the Kee era - and I miss that feature to this day, especially with your suggestion of sliders. The second one would be particularly effective when you want to build something with practicality in mind. And as for the third… well, being able to restrict body selection just to those which come in every body style would definitely make things a lot easier compared to having to choose from many more bodies, but with most of those not being available in some of those body styles.

I miss the wheelbase limit too!

More filtering options for bodies certainly is something we’d like to implement and it shouldn’t be too hard to do. The more bodies we get the more important the filters and their variety becomes. :slight_smile:
I’ve added this to our list.