Finance Packages for Car Sales


I cannot believe that all I have been thinking about at work this week is what bloody engine i am going to create when the turbo’s are released, also what my platform will be for each series and the number of models I will make for each. The game is already giving my insomnia!!! lol

Anyway, when having one of thinking moments I thought about the finance options when buying a car, especially as this is something i am looking at currently.

I don’t know how hard it would be to write the programming, however it would be a good idea for you to provide finance and get the benefits from the interest rates, this could be something that could affect your (Turnover, Customer Base, Market share etc).

I have also thought about after sales care - i.e, free servicing for 3 years, 7 year warranty etc. this also would affect the amount of customers drawn to your product. Look at KIA, if it was not for their fab 7 year warranty, majority of people who have brought them would not have. This would also have a either a positive / negative impact on you bottom line profit, dependent on the reliability of the cars you manufacturer.

I really love tycoon games and have probably played all there is to play. Role this into my love of cars (GREAAAAT). Have you developed what detail you are going to add to the finance, business side to the game? I know that you are working extremely hard with the components your are currently working on, however I believe the same amount of detail and reality in the business element of the game will make this possibly the best tycoon game ever created.

If you would like any input from a strategic business manager, please let me know and I will help in anyway possible.

Hey Alex!

The financing and warranty issues are definitely something we’ll look into for the tycoon part of the game. The general skeleton of that part has been thought out, all details we’re going to put into it are not finalized yet… so suggestions about that part are all welcome (much more so than feature requests for the already nailed down Engine Designer :wink:).

Our goal is to have a somewhat even level of complexity across the different aspects of the game, making it a well-rounded experience. Also, we want to provide people with options regarding playstyle… are you into tycoon games, but not that interested in building engines? Then buy engines from the open engine market and make up for their minor deficiencies through your superior management and marketing skills. This is true the other way around as well of course. You get the point. :slight_smile:


I understand the logic behind the different playing styles and believe that the principles you guys are working on are spot on!

Further ideas for the business / Career element of the game-

It would be good if you recruit the Dealer ship owner based on credentials, he will then be responsible for his sales team etc, however if he did not possess strong motivational qualities, your dealership would not generate the amount of sales that a dealership would with the opposite style of manager in charge.

Rather than have a track view for your cars, it would just be as good to view the cars in the showroom.

Any more ideas I will post.


Yeah… I love the idea of a showroom… it would feel great to see all your companies cars through the ages, when you complete the game! :smiley: