Fixture tool suggestion

I will suggest a tool that analyses all models and trims, and make a list about the fixtures used in each model and trim to avoid missing fixture errors (ideal for the modders, because some models can contain a fixture that you think that you deleted, and isn’t this, or, if you share the computer with your brother, and them make models).

Ok, it’s all good suggesting things like this but how would you want it to work?
Also, when posting a suggestion, you’ve got to think about whether someone would actually be bothered to make this or not.

I can programm in c++, but I need to say if the lua files can be read like the txt files in the programm

That should be pretty simple to make with the new saving file format as everything is sorted now.
Lua files are text files, just open up a saved trim and see what you find.

Example (the path tells you what mod it is, if any):

Vent={ { Index=1, MirrorHorizontal=false, MirrorVertical=false, Path="./GameData/Camso/carparts/Vents/vent2//", Ray={ End={ x=-57.455234527587997, y=13.664121627808001, z=-143.22444152832 } --[table: 0x05b13870]], Start={ x=-57.455234527587997, y=13.664121627808001, z=-243.22444152832 } --[table: 0x05b13900]] } --[table: 0x0fe3f538]], Symmetry=0, Transform={ Rotation=0.31000000238419001, x=1, y=1.1749999523162999 } --[table: 0x14b21ec8]] } --[table: 0x123ea4c0]], { Index=1, MirrorHorizontal=false, MirrorVertical=false, Path="./GameData/Camso/carparts/Vents/vent12//",

should be pretty simple for you to write a tool that does that.

Thanks killrob!