For design complaints OR if you want to support my main fourm

This is for anyone that hates/doesnt like my car designs. Point out whats wrong and i will see what i can do to improve the vehicle.
Anyone that wants to take matters off of my hands and post they’re own ideas as one of the car companies.

I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but I’m just gonna say it, you know we have discord for these kind of things.


#car-showcase might serve you well


I didn’t even pay attention to your cars, because your way of posting drew all of it away. I don’t know if they’re bad or ok. But that’s a matter to discuss in your own flooded topics.

And, you know… People are posting their own ideas under their own companies all the time since the beginning of this forum, so your second suggestion is just pointless - unless I didn’t get what are you actually suggesting, which wouldn’t surprise me.

The things that are wrong is that you seem to not know how the forum works and what is it for, and not understand what people write to you. As for your problem with photos, that’s a thing that I don’t understand - IIRC there is a limitation in that regard for the new users, but it should be already lifted for you? IDK, you’re still a basic user, not a regular member, and I don’t remember what are the requirements for that to change. But you can still use Imgur, suggested many times. And here’s the other part I don’t understand - you saying it’s too hard to use, while it basically works very much like posting a picture directly on the forum. You’re young, you know how to use the internet, so you should be able to get that (unless, of course, you are so unfortunate as to have some disability, which I hope isn’t the case) - it just needs some of your will. Going the easiest route usually leads nowhere.
Next thing you can work on is breaking the habit of making dozens of little posts. It actively lowers the attention you get - people see there’s a new post, open the topic and see nothing interesting, just, for example, an info that your game’s starting up. Please before posting something think if you would be interested in seeing such post made by another person.


Lately i have been using imgur because someone (Finnaly) taught me how to. as i am a simple person i had trouble using imgur.

Also, I have mental disabilities one of them being a learning disability, Plus i only post car designs on the main company, yes sometimes with my thoughts, it being a bad habit im trying to stop.

So all of the first posts, yes they are spam of cars. But thats only because i didint know how to use imgur back then.

And the reason i said it was hard to use, i have one, a learning disability ( As i said before )
Two, im not really a fast learner unless its something im actually interested in. (Ex. cars. otherwise i would’nt be here.)
Three, Yes, im young, but at the same time i have slow thinking but the brain of a genius.
Basically think of three as me getting the awnser to a math sheet from decades ago.

As for discord i dont have it, nor enough space to use it. Plus i would litteraly have not a single use for it.
This is for only what the title says, Your opinion on the vehicle, or if you wanna help out. You either say flaws in design or just. take a sub off my hands. Not to be a discord chat.
(Ex. 1969-1975/2017-2020 insert car name
(. trash reliability.
Plus if it were a discord chat i can tell you this; it would be spammed in one day.
i know from my cousin.

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