Forum Suggestion: Allow Search Term "Turbo"

I’m trying to find help on how to build turbo engines, but it’s virtually impossible when the search engine excludes the term “turbo” because it’s too common. Is there a way to fix this? I’d think that’s a pretty important search term.

You could always just PM someone for help on how to build turbo engines?

Or, you can wait until AutomationHub us up and running. SamSheepDoq has done a tutorial on putting turbos on inline engines, which will be on AutomationHub when the website is completed. :slight_smile:

Wouldn’t know who to PM, and I need the information before I assume AutomationHub will be up and running (next day or two).

But still… excluding the search term “turbo” from a car forum is like excluding the term “god” from a religious forum.

Turbo is common for a reason, it’s integral to the description of some cars. A 911 Turbo is a very different car from a 911. That little word “turbo” adds an additional 170 HP, 16 MPH top speed, about 1.4 seconds better acceleration to 60, and an additional $66,800 to the base price. That’s an entire car! An entire really nice car!!

There’s no substitute for the ability to use the term “turbo” in a car forum.

As you say turbo is common for a reason, maybe too common to make any results useful.

Yeah, you would have to plough through tons of different posts until you found what you were looking for.

phpBB seems to automatically decide a word is too common, not sure if you can stop it doing that.

Not really. “turbo build” or “turbo engine build” is a pretty specific search term. But when the search automatically deletes the word “turbo” then you have to plow through tons of different posts before you find what you’re looking for.

If you are only interested in information about turbo’s, and it’s impossible to search for turbo’s, then the search function becomes useless, and your only option is to read the thread title of every single post in the forum. Or make a new thread, and wait patiently for the barrage of “this has been discussed, use the search function” posts to pile on.

Here’s some info I found about possibly fixing it. … 5#p7915225