Free Advertising

Considering the majority of us drive I was thinking; why dont we make bumper stickers to help advertise the game?

Would be a cool cheap/free advertising scheme! :smiley:

who is going to print them? i would love one

I’m sure somebody knows someone who can haha

We were going to sell some stickers and that, but we need to find a good place to get them done. We tried RedBubble but their stickers were not that good.

Have you tried vista print?

T-Shirts with a huge V8 printed in front :smiley:

Automation merch? I’m in :smiley: Maybe you could release the logo (maybe just the “Automation” and some engine, V8 preferably :slight_smile:) as a high quality vectorgraphic so we can make our own T-Shirts and shit? But I guess you could really use the moneyz, so I hope you find some company, which provides quality for adequat prices and most importantly - where I can buy it without problems (but EU is a bit faaaar away)…damn you, customs duty/toll shit!

btw. Stickers to put on the inside of the window would be nice :slight_smile:

Well apparently the T-shirts are pretty good :slight_smile: … ace-engine

yeah that is pretty awesome Daffy :smiley:

I would not be alergic to use my web page as advertising for Automation :slight_smile: is a Live For Speed drifting team), witch I think is suitable since we get alot of visitors interested in car related computer gaming :smiley:

All I need is the “green light”, a suitable logo, and a prefered url.
I can add that on our page underneath server list(picture, klick it, and here you are)