Free Bodies Design

Hi Guys!!!

Pretty sure I’m not the first to think this but maybe you should be considered, do a “Bodies Design” more free a design tools to flow or imagination, instead of we selected a pre design bodies, create one from beging, like a clay car, that will be a huge step for a “Atomation” but certainly tranforming to best, imagine how many diferent cars you can create it with your free imagination.

The game already rocks like hell :smiling_imp: , but selecting a pre designed bodies is such year 2000 game, think in designing a car like a “EA Spore”

or even like a “Galactic Civilizations® III”

But the best is like a “Theme Park Studio Game - Custom Flat Rides Animation Module”

100% free to design your on car bodies, with shape tools and all this things… then in a data base which aproxime a ended job in a pre-conceived value, giving a specie category type car um have make, like a Sporting, lux, wagon, picape, family… (Hope this part is clear enough, like is in my mind ^^) or make it work with any other way, but make a 100% free design bodies will bring a great public and prestige for title.

Sorry if I was kind rude, I really don’t want be.

Thx for attention.

I think you touched on one of the reasons why this won’t happen. How do you categorize a completely custom made car? Please elaborate if possible.

Also, no offense, but the car being built in SPORE looks a bit too… cartoonish… for my tastes. :neutral_face: I much prefer the more realistic (and easily identifiable) models of Automation as they currently stand. Plus! With my [lack of] designing skills I’d probably just pre-select a ready-made body anyway because I’d rather be building engines and selling cars, not designing them, soooo…

Thanks for sharing though!

I have no idea how this would be even possible in a way that looked any good at all I’m afraid.

The Spore is just a example of how can we create a car, dont need be so cartoonish, imagine that tools with some realistic

I’m started working in some images to try explaining how can it be, will take some time, but I’m will be back ^^


So here we go some examples,

The 100% free Idea is really much complex for real, but will be something like a “Theme Park Studio Game - Custom Flat Rides Animation Module” or close enough, this would be the greatest one.

How can we categorize the created cars?

Like this:

Each car have a particular geometric drawing, creating a data base with the values of between axle, distance from ground, height, size of front, among others… we can categorize the type of car was created.

But we can construct or cars from existing parts, selecting like already be on fixtures design:

Don’t know which one can be the best, or maybe develop a better one, but the importante on anyone design Ideas is make a game much more freestyle, giving a huge of possibilities differents cars.

Tks for your time

That will not work. That’s all I will say.

OK, now I understand. :slight_smile: Thanks for clarifying. I appreciate you taking the time to illustrate your main points. That would be cool, yes…

…if this game were only about designing cars.

That’s the main problem I have with this suggestion. The more time spent giving more freedom of design choice, is the less time spent on having a working tycoon game.

Indeed this system would not work without an insane amount of effort and research put into it. If we had a top tier artist and programmer for about 2 years for free, I think this could be done. Even then though it would not be feasible (even for free) because that time could be spent on making the game itself quicker or better. So: neat idea which is not new to us, it would not be feasible.