From Geneva to Le Mans -REVIEW 1 OUT

With your use of body molding, though, it looks virtually unrecognizable.

thanks, more than 13 hours of work went into it so far
no interior yet too

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Seriously, how did you do that?


this looks hot and i very much enjoy the retro modern aesthetic you achieved here. very excited to see this on the track. the back end in particular is tres bien :sunglasses: :+1:


even though the front end kinda bothers me it reminds me of a lotus-esque super light trackday rich person car and i really like the idea of a concept like that entering le mans. the race version does fix some of the issues i have with the car though, i will say :sunglasses: :+1:

Currently redoing the diffuser, it feels too big. more to come soon.

also forgot to mention its 10.7k redline from a 770hp nat/as v10 going to the rear wheels with a 6mt

It went through some changes, really happy with the result


From Malaysia With Love...


Hana Hypercar WIP!
(this is old and I’ve made a lot of progress since this post, so please don’t give feedback yet)



funny fastcar go brr

This car is most likely being ditched but I might aswell send er in

Is it ok if I post a drawing of what I want the road car to be like?

Public Shaming Feedback: Round 1

145 days until Le Mans.

35 days until the cars are locked in place. aka the deadline of this challenge

As the manufactures are speeding up on the development of their cars, deep inside the regulatory organization of Le Mans Hypercar:


The organizers are spying taking a look on the progress of the field. As LM Hypercar is such a large motorsport event with participants of such quantity and variety, regulation making is crucial to the successful running of it. At the same time as they are checking on their competitors by lurking in the Discord channels, significant progress are being done on improving the regulations.




yeah that’s all the lore writing y’all are going to get for this challenge this aint simmer’s VLN challenge

without further ado, let's get to our first victim today...



Le quote:

we found your race car with livery in car-showcase

Engineering wise, this seems about right. Though we are curious how much the turbo lags and how much the electric motor compensates for that lag

But how’s the design?
Our resident @chiefzach2018 thinks that this design is more mid 2010’s than a 2020+ hypercar, but considering that something like a McLaren P1 is from 2013, I’d say (Speedyboi speaking) this is more like a 90’s top level supercar (“hypercar?”) with modern elements like the lights and wheels. Which isn’t inherently a bad thing, but compared to something like the DeTomaso P72, we think some more effort can be put into modernizing the design overall. From the somewhat dated light internals, to the overall rear end design, and to the lack of black/carbon accenting on the road car. See cars like the P72 and maybe the GMA T.50 in how to make a classic shape look modern. We are also a bit concerned about the car looking maybe a bit too tall for a modern hypercar, almost reminding us of something like a Counsulier GTP.

In terms of aero, this goes for all the cars, but we’d suggest you ask yourselves this question: does your race car look like something that can go toe-to-toe with a race-ified Valkyrie AMR Pro? For this car, we think it’s not quite there yet. The conventional looking aero makes sense for the most part, but for a hypercar of the highest order, the aero overall is just too tame for both race and road cars. For example, something like a large front wheelarch air exit with bargeboards would be hugely beneficial for aero.
(Below is one of the tamer examples, for more extreme examples see something like a Valkyrie)


There are also some weird detailing. Like the slightly oversized position indicators, antenna that’s placed on where the windshield wipers should be, and uhhh


pitot tube that’s placed on the roof and backwards?
And finally, what happened to the mirrors on the race car?

Overall, you’re on the right track and the overall idea is definitely workable, though a lot of details needs quite a bit of refinement.

onto the next victim




Yes we think we’re understanding your design inspirations, it’s like a a combination of some Porsche, a bit of GMA T.50, with some Ford GT40, Ford GT40, Ford GT, a little bit of Ford GT with some Ford GT sprinkled on top of it.

Jokes aside, despite the new Ford GT being listed in the inspiration car chart, we felt like what you have here is a strictly 2000’s car with only its rear end somewhat facelifted - not good. The headlights for example, are basically straight from a 2000’s car, and its bulkiness - especially on its side skirts - cannot be seen on any modern hypercar. It is much of the same story in terms of aero. It has a tunnel and a miniscule lip, but that’s about it. We’ve seen the 3D work, but it just doesn’t look like a top of the line, track focused and modern hypercar that we want. We haven’t seen the race car just yet, but it would need some enormous aero changes for it to come anywhere close to the level we want. Again, I’m sure that you’ve put a lot of effort into it, but aero takes a massive part in this challenge, and right now aero just seems like an afterthought on your car.

Where mirrors?


(This is also referring to the fact that the aero balance would’ve been way too far back with a tunnel on the back with nothing at the front)

next one please



Quote from the man:

can’t wait to nitpick to death!!!

So you are well aware of the impending doom :+1:

On first glance this is not bad at all. It definitely has some of the striking feeling of a modern hypercar, and it certainly is convincingly modern, unlike the previous two cars. That said, it’s not exactly striking to the point where it blows our pants off upon first glance. As far as the road car goes the aero is somewhat ok, though we feel like it can have a bigger splitter area, and the front wheelarch air exit can be larger and more functional looking.

Upon closer inspection however, the design begins to fall apart by a bit. Looking at the pictures more closely, we can see that there are a pair of bulges poking out where the vents are, and we’re not quite sure what they’re for. Having only LED lines in the front also doesn’t make a ton of sense for a road car, which need actual headlights, and the vents on the hood are placed backwards, as they exhaust air on real life cars. Exhaust placements also seem odd inside the vents (we can barely see it in the dark pics) and needs better integration. Certain areas like the rear wing endplate part can be a bit more refined and less tacked on looking. The diffuser also seems too boxy and could’ve been a bit bigger, and the rear vent’s fixture choice is somewhat unfortunate, as it really ages the entire rear end. The rear end also seem too tall in general, and a lot of it is because…

…of its proportions, especially for something like a track-focused hypercar that we want. The usual method to make it look lower is to raise the fenders and lower the ride height ala DTM/ SGT-GT500 race cars, but the body you used doesn’t have wheelarch fixture placement. Still, I’ve used tricks like 3D fenderwork to mitigate the issue even on cars with no fixture placement over wheelarch. As it stands currently, unfortunately it looks like a supercar wearing a hypercar kit, because of the proportions


you have a super car

but it’s too tall so its like

Malaysia’s current score in this challenge: 0
(don’t abandon it because it has the potential but definitely consider significantly reworking it)


RetroniX and Suisei thing

by @yurimacs and with help from @Falling_Comet

ANNOUNCEMENT: Suisei Heavy Industries in agreement with RetroniX Design for joint venture in LMDh project

:put_litter_in_its_place: because we’re asking for a LMH not a LMDh

next one

just kidding

OK yeah this is very impressive overall
As far as designs inspired by the cars of the past go, this is one of the best we’ve ever seen. The shape is reminicent of some of the greatest top level supercars of the past, while being very convincing in being a modern hypercar for the most part - we’ll get to that later. Aero wise it’s not the end of the world, but we’d like to see a bit of more overall: more splitter, better integrated wing endplates, add some venting on the front hood, and most importantly, more front wheelarch air exit with elements pushing air outwards(details see feedback on the first car in this post). Design wise, front and side looks sharp as hell and is one of the nicest and cleanest 3D creation you’ve ever done, but the rear end may need some work to match what you have in the rest of the car. Again, you could use a bit more creativity on the wing endplates to make it match the design a bit more, and the longtail part looks a bit flat compared to the rest of the car. so something like:


would look better instead of a flat surface.
The rear end is almost a bit of a victim of the straight longtail, as the outlining shape feels a bit dead compared to the dynamic and sharp feel of the rest of the car. The rear end itself is pretty rough at this stage, but it’s obvious that there’s more work waiting to be put into it, plus that shape is pretty tricky to deal with. Personally, I’d also prefer the rear end to be lowered by a bit more to get rid of the visual fat above the rear tires, so it looks leaner and more aggressive. Just like the longtail part, the engine decklid also seems a bit too flat and underdeveloped, and round hole vents on it seems out of place on a car as edgy as this. The intake-wing box thingy looks a bit too blocky for us, and we’re not sure how it’d work aerodynamically?

Overall, this is a killer looking road hypercar, but more can be done in the aerodynamics department, and the rear of the car definitely needs a lot more development.


Our live reaction:



nice wheels

If you want feedback to your cars like the ones seen above, please send in detailed pics of your car !

If you requested feedback and didn’t get them for now, we should get to them in the next post

And that’s it for this post
Hope you enjoyed it
for now,


in my defense, i was going for more of a p72 approach, but i agree with the lack of aero on mine. any advice on what to add?

A tiny front splitter at the front won’t cut it - a bigger one (not just deeper, but also wider), with optional canards on the sides, would be much more fitting given the brief. Moreover, you should keep the ground effect tunnels, but adding a rear diffuser to complement them would be a great idea. And while you’re at it, give your car a pair of mirrors that gel with your choice of body set.

It doesn’t matter what your definition of hypercar is, for this challenge, we are judging basing off the criteria we’ve given. If one has read the first post of this thread, it should be very obvious why a car like that wouldn’t make sense for this challenge


I’ve been building some cars. How are these?