From Geneva to Le Mans -REVIEW 1 OUT


Submission would be handled by DMing the car file me over here on the forums
It is highly recommended to make a presentation post here so we can better understand your car

If there are any clarifications needed fire away below

Wow, I’d say this is among the most detailed challenges I’ve seen in a while. The brief, the regs sheet… must’ve taken a lot of time to prepare. Seems interesting.

Got a question about dimensions though, the regs sheet states maximum dimensions, but are there any limits on minimum dimensions? Is there any sort of penalty for going small, or are we allowed to just go for what looks best?

In the real FIA Hypercar rules, there are no minimum dimensions on the major body sizes, since the lift-to-drag ratio and minimum weight are mandated anyways, and going below the minimum sizes won’t get you any advantages.

For this challenge, just try your best to make something that can (and more importantly, looks like it can) roughly match the target performance described in the challenge brief. How would you like to achieve that is entirely up to you, and being creative will definitely do you good here.


This challenge is the best answer to a question that should have been asked: “What if LMH was based on the fastest and most expensive road cars known to man?”

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Does the road cars need any emissions rating or loudness rating it needs to follow?

Quote from the rules

We don’t care about Automation stats like efficiency and sportiness

That said, I think it’s common sense that a road car in 2020’s should come with catalytic converters and some degree of sound muffling

Sounds good


so you said no active aero on the race car, but what about the road car?

Active aero is allowed on road car

Do keep in mind that you should make the race and road car share a similar aero approach
If your road car has an emphasis on underbody aero, make your race car like that, and if your road car uses the concept of using that underbody aero to allow for an elegant body shape, then reflect that on the race car as well.

Also in your submissions, please state if your car is the road or the race car in the naming

here’s what i have so far

I have these, I’ll be making the livery but before that i wanna know if this is good enough or not enough

Starting from the feedback day, you can send in your car for feedback. You can also tell us your current concept and what you plan to add. We would then make a feedback post so you and other entries can benefit from it (If you want to keep it private, we can do that)

This is a reminder that everyone can send in their cars in their current state (screw the January 20th date, you can send in any time you want) in so we can give some feedback. Once we gather enough cars, we’ll make a properly formatted feedback post, so you will have the opportunity to improve your design until deadline.

You don’t have to send in the car itself, but you should send in a few clear images of all angles of your car, some brief description and plans for your next steps.


I think i might scrap my road car, it doesn’t scream hypercar enough, also the aero on both cars doesn’t make sense so I’ll improve on that too

Just to be clear, there are hypercar bodies out there where the minimum width is already over 2100mm. Does that mean we can’t use such bodies at all?

This is my race car without its livery.
Im pretty happy with the design but Im looking for input on the drivetrain,
Its got a mid-mounted transverse single turbo 3.0L v6 with a signal motor hybrid upfront,
The road car makes around 1000+ hp
chassis is a full carbon monocoque
My main question is does this seem like a hypercar?

this is the road car


heres mine so far
would love some feedback


The rear resembles that of a Ford GT; the nose owes more to the GMA T.50 and T.33. Judging from the basic body shape, however, I reckon you used one of the '95 S7-esque mod body sets - specifically, the larger of the two, with a longer wheelbase.

you’d be suprised, its the lemans body from the early 60’s
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