Front transverse engine year

Is there any chance of bringing the transverse engine layout forward a bit?

It was used long before the Mini using it in 1959 but we don’t get it ingame until 1962.



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Well you can push it in the campaign with tech pool. Many features in the game were used much earlier than their standard unlock date, but that date is set with a) tech pool, b) feature becoming widely available in mind.

And if you really, really can’t live without a 1947 transverse FWD car in your sandbox, you can always use the +15 campaign trick - start a campaign with +15 tech pool (or whatever you need), make a project, export to sandbox, tadaaa - tech pool and earlier unlocks in sandbox mode.

Also, before the Mini it was mostly used on 2 cylinder cars like the Saab and DKW, both changing to longitudinal engine when they went 3 cylinder. Is there any good pre-Mini examples of 3 or 4 cylinder cars with transverse FWD?