Fulland Zingara: now in LCV4.2

As opposed to my previous post on this car, I’ll keep it brief.

This is, to the best of my ability, a port / faithful recreation of the Zingara to LCV4.2. Due to the lack of updated mods and 4.2’s general wobblyness it isn’t quite right yet, but I felt confident enough to share it. The Beam mod doesn’t come with a custom thumbnail, as this is just a port, not much sense to make another fully fledged Beam mod. I mean, the car is less detailed (engine bay’s seen some improvement though), heavier, and makes a different sound. That’s about it. Driver cam and engine inertia change are there, though.

Mods needed: Check the Zingara’s post. Everything that has been updated at the time of writing from that, plus SHD’s radiator and fan. If I recall correctly that should do it.

I’m off to continue working on the new, ground-up car that will eventually bear the name Zingara. Cheers!

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It’s beautiful! Nice work, I love the detailing- nothing is left untouched from what I can see in these pictures.

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