GAC (Grand Automotive Challenge) #1B - Teenage Dream

Hey all,

Just for info - this is just a repost of the original GAC post, and will now be on the new stable version released today. I’ve copied and pasted the original post below, so enjoy.

All cars submitted previously will be included in this round. They have all already been scored. We have received a number of great entries so far. One of my mods will stay on the beta and one on the old stable, so feel free to submit in any form.

Enjoy the round,
The Mods

GAC General Details

GAC (or the Grand Automotive Challenge) is going to be a future series of challenges here on the forums. This is going to happen in a very CSR-like style, but with many of my own personal twists and extra challenges put in. Rankings and reviews for the cars are now not just going to be done through Automation’s in-game statistics, and not just through rudimentary testing on Beam.NG, but through a series of carefully tested courses, maps and areas on Beam.NG to truly prove the challenge vehicles. One of the other main differences between this and the style of how CSR is currently done will be by having myself, in addition to some other moderators (soon to be chosen, PM me if you want to be considered for the position) to work with the winner of each challenge to ensure that the topics chosen aren’t the same old stuff each time, and to add and factor in any new updates, ideas, or problems. That being said, the general rules are as follows:

  1. Only one vehicle may be submitted per person
  2. Please no spam or anything unnecessary/inappropriate in this topic board or any future ones
  3. Vehicles must follow the requirements laid out by the challenge. Some leeway will be allowed, but this is at the moderators discretion
  4. All submissions must be PMed to myself (jvs1rox) or any other moderator specified as running the challenge (if no moderator is specified just PM them to me)
  5. An advertisement poster is also required as a part of your “submission” for your car. Make it as specific as you’d like, but a lot of extra points go to the detail and design of your advertisement posters and can seriously sway our decision in whether or not your car has a chance at winning. Keep time period in mind when designing these.
  6. There will be a preliminary and secondary round to the challenge. Depending on the volume of entries, there may be 2 separate posts for the preliminary rounds, as it may take us a while to process a large number of these entries.
  7. When making your car, to make it easier for us (the mods) please have your car’s model name as GAC__(whatever number GAC it is) - _____ (your username). If you do not do this, your submission may be lost in our system and will likely not be considered for awards or any reviews. Brand and Model names can go in the trim section. The same goes for engine naming. (e.g. GAC1 - jvs1rox)
  8. Please enjoy our challenges, and may the best engineer win!

GAC #1 - Teenage Dream

2019 - Battle Creek, Michigan, United States

15 year-old James has long been a car guy. In fact, some even say that his first word was “car”. With James just having recieved his learner’s permit in the last few months, and having been stellar driving his mom’s Mercedes-Benz CLA250 at his driver’s ed classes, James’ parents have decided that it is time to make his first automotive purchase.

James wants something purely sporty; a “chick-grabber” if you will, yet something that can still somewhat drive in Michigan’s harsh, cold, and snowy winter weather. James’ parents have somewhat different ideas. His dad can respect the thought of his son having a sporty car, having been James’ age at one point in his life, however, safety remains paramount in his opinion, and wants his son driving in something safe enough to protect him when he “drives the thing through our neighbors’ fence.” He also wants something relatively economical on fuel, as the majority of the fuel bills for this will be coming out of his pocket. James’ mother takes things even farther. Basically, she wants her son to basically be driving around in an impenetrable metal box. She doesn’t want anything too fast, doesn’t want anything even a hint unsafe, doesn’t want anything bad on fuel, and doesn’t want anything that has even the slightest chance of requiring her to pay bail at the local police station at 2AM.

Over the next little while, they will go car shopping as a family to narrow down their options and select the best car for James. Let’s see what y’all come up with.

Restrictions and Requirements:

  • Model Year must be 2019 or older
  • Trim year must be 2019
  • 95 RON or lower unleaded fuel only
  • Catalytic Converters are mandatory
  • Minimum 60 safety
  • Budget of $26,750 @ 0% markup
  • No limited production or race parts
  • Minimum of 2 seats
  • Minimum of 24MPG (US)
  • 0-60 mph (or 0-100 km/h) time may not be longer than 8.0 seconds or shorter than 4.7 seconds
  • Maximum engine ET of 150
  • Maximum trim ET of 150

Entry Deadline and Info

Entry Deadline is Thursday, March 7, 2019 @ 6:00PM (18:00 for you Europeans) EST (GMT -5)
Submissions Open as of Wednesday, February 27, 2019 @ 6:00PM (18:00) EST (GMT -5)

Submission Closing and Opening Times are subject to change should there be any major problems regarding the rules that have not been solved by then, or should there be anything else deemed fit by a moderator to postpone these. Regulations are also subject to change should anything major come up, however this is unlikely.

As always, and as has been listed in the GAC rules and general info above, only one submission is allowed per person. We ask that you follow the requirements quite strictly with this challenge. You may be disqualified if you choose not to follow the rules. When submitting, send the .car file in a PM to jvs1rox. An example vehicle name is below, and we ask that you keep all vehicle names like this to make it easier for us to review them.

Example Vehicle Name:
Model Name: GAC1 - jvs1rox
Trim Name: Ijekour Ciel XRS

Should you have any questions, comments, concerns, feedback, etc. please send me a PM. Also, we have a few positions open as moderators, and if you would like to be considered, please send me (jvs1rox) a PM. We look forward to seeing your submissions. As always, may the best engineer win!


Do the engine and/or trim also have production unit limits? If not, why not?

No; this is to encourage creativity with these vehicles. Personally, I can’t stand challenges that try and limit this, as one of the key goals of Automation as a game is to make creative and fun cars in an engineering environment.

Reminder that submissions have been extended to Wednesday. A new challenge will be posted then.

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When are we going to see the results of this first one?
Whats the judging process going to be like?

The first one was judged before the new update, but the results will all be released on Thursday morning at the latest.

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Hey all,

I’ve done all my preliminary judging at this time. Sadly, I am away from my PC and will be for the next week, so the results will be a bit delayed. That being said, GAC 2 is in the works, and I’ll try and post a version using my mobile device at some point in the next couple days. Results of this will come on March 19, 2019. Sorry for the delay.

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Dang. Deadchallenge.

was looking forward to the results, took a bit of time on this one :slightly_frowning_face:

Hopefully we’ll see the results soon enough

An update on results:

Unfortunately for me, my hometown was legit ravaged by a windstorm while I was on vacation. My PC room was on the top floor of my house, and I say was because well… there’s a tree there now. My PC was sadly destroyed, no joke while I was gone (April Fools is over dw). I have the results backed up on the cloud but I’m so busy with my semester finals I haven’t backed them up. I’m buying a new PC within the week and I’ll get stuff posted then, I promise.

wow, sorry to hear that man.
Don’t rush, take your time with the finals and all.
Shit happens. Best of luck!